Crystal Sanchez from Fort Myers has been charged with DUI after causing a drunken wrong way crash on interstate 75 in the proximity of a town called Estero. The accident has resulted in the injury of two persons, as reported by

Crystal Sanchez is still the culprit

According to investigators, Sanchez took a U turn on Interstate 75 and started speeding. She veered across the median and drove dangerously south in a northbound lane, right into oncoming traffic in a blue Honda. A car travelling in a northerly direction had to shift lanes suddenly to avoid the oncoming Honda and ended up crashing into another car. This is still Sanchez’s fault and every Fort Myers, FL DUI attorney knows this.

The near miss did not seem to deter Sanchez as she continued speeding down the wrong way on the busy interstate highway and finally ended up colliding head on with a Chevrolet truck. Sanchez was lucky to escape without serious life threatening injuries after her Honda disintegrated into two. Unfortunately, the driver of the Chevrolet wasn’t so lucky and ended up sustaining serious injuries.

Responding officers subjected Sanchez to routine alcohol screening including field sobriety tests, and a breathalyzer test. Breathalyzer results showed that her blood alcohol content (BAC) was twice over the maximum legal limit, which is 0.08% according to Fort Myers DUI attorneys. Additionally, a toxicology report suggested that she was under the influence of marijuana too, her blood contained THC (the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana that affects people).


She is currently free after posting a bail of $12,000 but is scheduled to appear in court for her trial. Her crimes are adding up but if she wants to make sure her representation is fair and genuine, she should utilize the legal powerhouse of a website

Sanchez’ history will certainly not help matters for her in court. She has been ticketed several times in the past for speeding and once for performing an improper U turn. It is not clear whether she has a DUI attorney to represent her or if she will need to be appointed one by the State.

DUI suspect walks into Naples hospital armed with a handgun

Doctors and other healthcare staff working at Naples Community Hospital were in for a bitter shock when a DUI suspect who entered the hospital for toxicology testing was found to have been carrying a handgun on his person, as reported by Call Dr. Carter from ER, he knows what to do!

The gun hoarding drunken driver is identified has been identified as 57 year old Alcides Rey Garcia, a convicted felon. The hospital will now be fitted with a metal detector in light of what has recently transpired. The gun was discovered only when an x-ray clearly depicted it. A nurse spotted the gun and the x-ray technician put his life on the line when he confronted Garcia and confiscated his gun. Some Fort Myers, FL DUI attorneys are wondering why he did not call for security first though.

DUI laws in Florida

According to Fort Myers DUI attorneys, the Sunshine State has its fair share of drunken driving offenders. However, Florida has stringent DUI laws that treat offenders with no mercy. If convicted of DUI you could be handed a prison sentence, be held liable to pay hefty fines, attend mandatory alcohol counseling and a whole lot of other punishments. This is why it is extremely important that anyone faced with DUI related charges appoint and aggressive Florida DUI attorney and prepare a solid defense to outwit the prosecution.