Orlando, FL- A former police officer is accused of striking five middle school children waiting at a bus stop, killing one. The accused’s inexcusable and horrific actions carry hefty penalties, and rightfully so. Anyone who is charged with DUI or who has ever driven under the influence need to know the penalties they face if they kill someone while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Five Children Hit by Drunk Driver

Five Florida children who were waiting for their parents after being dropped off by a school bus became the unwitting victims of the drunk driver on Thursday, April 27 in Poinciana.  Police say that a former police officer from Mississippi, 48-year-old John Camfield was intoxicated when he struck the five children, severely injuring some of the kids, ages 11 to 15, and killing one, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

What Happens if I Kill Someone While I was Driving Drunk?

Drunken drivers cause a third of fatal accidents in the U.S. according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, so they are treated harshly under Florida’s DUI statutes.

Florida Penalties for a Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents:

DUI Manslaughter:

Second-degree felony

Mandatory four years in jail up to 15 years

Fines up to $10,000


DUI Manslaughter with Leaving the Scene of an Accident:

First-degree felony

Up to 30 years in jail

Fines up to $10,000


Vehicular Homicide:

Second-degree felony

Up to 15 years in jail

Fines up to $10,000


Vehicular Homicide with Leaving the Scene of an Accident:

First-degree felony

Up to 30 years in jail

Fines up to $10,000

A DUI charge involving injury or death requires a vigorous defense.

Average Jail Sentences

The chance that you will pay the maximum penalty or near it is high according to a past report from the Miami Herald. The paper looked at the maximum penalties awarded or DUI manslaughter cases throughout the state and found the noticeable disparity in DUI manslaughter sentences from county to county.

The Miami Herald reports that the average jail sentence for DUI manslaughter in Florida is 9.49 years, but penalties for the main cities in the upstate can be higher. Below are some examples of average jail sentences in Florida counties:

Duvall County- 9.59 years

Hillsborough County- 10.18 years

Factors that affect DUI manslaughter penalties include:

Circumstances surrounding the crash

Leaving the scene of an accident

DUI defendant’s prior criminal history

Prior DUI, refusal or wet reckless charges

The wishes of the deceased’s loved ones

And the strength of your DUI defense.

Why Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer?

When you have been charged with DUI manslaughter or DUI homicide, you need to speak with a DUI defense lawyer immediately. If you are convicted, you will go to jail; you will be hit with costly penalties, and possibly a civil lawsuit. USAttorneys can connect you with a DUI lawyer in Orlando to work on your defense.

If you cause a fatal drunk driving accident, you need the best defense. That is why you need to turn to one of the DUI lawyers at USAttorneys.com.