Mankato, MN- A drunk person can be very hostile, especially when law enforcement enters the picture. But some drunks get more than hostile, they try to flee police and manage to make their charges worse. Such is the case of a Minnesota man who was arrested on several charges including DWI over Fourth of July weekend. He, like many state residents, is going to need the representation of a savvy Minnesota DUI attorney to work on his defense.

Police were initially called to the Lake Minnetonka on Friday around 8:30 p.m. to respond to a domestic dispute after witnesses reported seeing a woman flailing in the water beside a boat near the Crystal Bay.

When police arrived they found a belligerent man on a boat circling around a woman who had fallen into the bay. Because there was a “no wake” law in the area of the lake, water police approached the boat to find 33 year-old Ryan David Krueger sitting on the boat with an infant seated in his lap. The child was not wearing a life-jacket, the CBS Minnesota reported.

The woman in the water was the child’s mother and had jumped into the water to escape a very angry Krueger police said. Authorities helped the woman out of the water and as they were speaking with her, Krueger began to slowly move away from them in an attempt to flee.

Police ordered Krueger to “stop,” but he began to speed away with the infant still on board. He then led police on 15 minute high-speed chase around the lake.

When police finally caught up with Krueger, and tried to go on board his boat, he grabbed the 9-month old child in an attempt to shield himself from a shower of pepper spray. He also tried to strike officers.

When Krueger was no longer holding the child, police managed to subdue him with pepper spray and took him into custody. He has been charged with DWI, fleeing a police officer, reckless disregard, child endangerment and operating under the influence, CBS Minnesota reported.

So many people fail to realize that they can get DUI even if they are not in control of vehicle. If a person is drunk and in command of a boat it’s called a BUI—boating under the influence. A person be charged with operating under the influence if they are on a bicycle, a riding lawn mower and even a horse.

In the case of Krueger, he is facing a number of criminal charges on top of his operating under the influence charge and will need a criminal defense attorney who also has experience with DUI cases. With legal representation, a DUI offender has the opportunity to negotiate a plea bargain or for reduced charges and may be able to avoid conviction.

Criminal defense and DUI attorney, Chris Kennedy serves clients in Brown and Blue Earth Counties and will do the work necessary to help his clients negate the serious penalties they are facing. If you are facing a DUI or other criminal charges contact his office in Ulm or Mankato to discuss your charges and possible defense strategies.