Drunk drivers may no more have to undergo the core punishment of an automatic 30-day driving ban, as proposed by the Illinois State Bar Association at a recent hearing to a state task force. As per the mandate, those individuals are arrested for DUI have to face a compulsory 30-day license suspension as punishment of the act.

The proposed plan of action would replace this ban with allowing the individuals to continue to drive if they agreed to use ignition interlock devices which tested for alcohol on their breath.

The proposed concept has found support in local advocacy groups like Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Concept Proposed to Curb Illicit Deals

The Chicago Tribune last year revealed how certain suburbs in DuPage County permitted DUI defendants to overlook their suspensions in exchange for hefty fines. With the new concept in place, decision makers hope to stop such deals from taking place and also make the roads safer.

The Tribune uncovered the fact that some suburbs hired lawyers to prosecute their DUIs, in which case, DUI rescissions were common. Usually a suspension can only be rescinded if the defendant was manhandled at the time of arrest by the police. But according to the information uncovered, a lot more was charged in fees and fines by towns than county prosecutors, especially in cases when a special deal was struck. In fact, a little digging revealed that one repeat offender was even allowed to retain his license by a suburb, in exchange for over $5,500 in fees and fines.

Changing Behavior is the Bigger Picture

Ultimately, the main aim of the proposed concept is to change the bigger picture. While there is much debate as to what the hard time should be replaced with, many of the proponents are unsure whether ignition interlocks will be a sufficient deterrent to someone from driving under the influence of drugs, which recently has started to account for a growing portion of DUI arrests.

Another aspect of the big picture of all this going away in twenty years when computers drive humans around. This will enable humans to sleep more and get more work done since such a boring and monotonous task will be handled by a computer.

Why You need a DUI Lawyer

An experienced and qualified DUI lawyer is familiar with the court system, understands the nuances of your individual case, has extensive knowledge of plea bargain details, and can navigate complicated administration procedures with the greatest of ease.

A DUI attorney will be able to offer sound legal advice on striking special deals, how to handle the law if you are a repeat offender, and how to go about pleading if this is your first DUI. Either way, a DUI attorney will have your best interests in mind no matter which course of action they suggest you take.

Remember to identify a DUI lawyer who practices and specializes in law in your state. These lawyers will be aware of every state-specific rule and regulations related to your DUI offense. An experienced DUI lawyer will be able to successfully represent your individual case in a court of law and help you arrive at an outcome that you are comfortable with.