Boston, MA- A Massachusetts DUI attorney is some legal trouble of his own after a boat party turned into a tragedy last Saturday.

The Boston Globe reports that local attorney, Benjamin Urbelis, and a dozen other people- some as young as 15– were on his boat, the “Naut Guilty,” partying in the Boston Harbor when tragedy struck.

According to reports, a 19-year-old woman on the boat jumped into the water the retrieve a cushion when her arm was severed by the boat’s propeller.

Reports indicate that a 19-year-old woman jumped of the boat to retrieve a cushion and struggled to get back on the boat. The Boston Globe reports that during the struggle, the young woman’s arm was severed above the elbow by the boat’s propeller.

Emergency crews were alerted and the woman was rushed to the hospital where she is recovering. Rescuers looked for her severed arm with no success, according to the Globe.

At Urbelis’ arraignment, the prosecutor told the court, he was “drunk and belligerent” when police questioned him about the accident.

Urbelis was charged with operating under the influence and reckless operation of a boat. He refused field sobriety tests, but consented to a breath tests four hours after the accident. At that time his BAC .09.

Urbelis did what everyone facing an OUI should, he hired an attorney to work on his defense. It’s never wise represent yourself even if you have a legal degree. It is possible for an individual to avoid being of an OUI or to negotiate for a plea bargain.

Urbelis pleaded “not guilty” in his arraignment on Monday, according to the Globe.

Let’s face it, alcohol and drugs are not conducive to wise decision making. Each year, well over a million people from all walks of life get charged with OUI/DUI. And, unfortunately, many people don’t realize you don’t have to be in a car to be charged with an OUI. Boating under the influence is a common charge during the summer and is often considered even more risky than driving under the influence.

Whether you are in a car or on a boat, the consequences of an OUI charge in Massachusetts are pretty tough on offenders. A first OUI conviction in the state carries a penalty of up to 30 months in jail, fines a and penalties upwards of $5K and mandatory suspension of driving privileges for at least a year. The penalties for repeat OUI offenders are even tougher and more costly.

To make the consequences even worse, the state has a lifetime look-back period, meaning a prior OUI conviction no matter how long ago it occurred, will count against a person for a second or subsequent offense.

Because of the consequences, people facing an OUI need sound legal advice before making any decisions about their case. Every stage of an OUI case is important so you need to get in touch with an OUI/DUI attorney immediately. If you need help with your defense, USAttorneys can connect you with a professional and accomplished attorney in your area to help you with your defense.