April 7thmarked the beginning of a new DUI enforcement period in Colorado and it is expected to run until Monday, May 14th, according to 9 News. Not only is the Colorado Department of Transportation backing this DUI enforcement period, but so is the Colorado State Patrol and law enforcement agencies across the state. The reason behind the five-week enforcement period is because there is a lot going on in the springtime, according to Darrell Lingk who is the Director of CDOT’s Office of Transportation Safety. Lingk said in a news release that events such as “graduation parties, concerts, 4/20 celebrations, and the start of the baseball season” are all happening within this five-week timeframe and “these events have historically given people a reason to drink or consume cannabis.”

The DUI enforcement period is expected to help reduce the number of people living in or visiting Colorado from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The chief of the Colorado Highway Patrol, Col. Matthew Packard, has already announced that his officers will be out in full force “to make sure impaired drivers stay off the roads.” Packard also stated that “even after a couple of drinks, you become a risk to yourself and others if you get behind the wheel.” The truth is, “the cost of a ride home is minimal compared to the personal and financial costs of a DUI” so it is in your best interest to make plans ahead of time if you have an event coming up that you know you will likely be drinking at.

Last year, law enforcement officers cited 1,555 individuals during this DUI enforcement period who were caught driving while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs [Source: Colorado Department of Transportation(CDOT)]. In April and May of 2016, there were 94 traffic fatalities reported on Colorado roads on which 38 involved impaired drivers.

Aside from seeing more law enforcement out and actively working toward identifying drivers who are under the influence, because baseball season has begun, you will also see posters placed throughout the Coors Field and a public service announcement (PSA) will be played featuring Rockies players on Jumbotron each game to remind fans to enjoy the game responsibly. The CDOT will also host a “stadium-take-over” during games where a message will be displayed across all of the digital screens that says, “Choosing to Drink? Don’t Risk a DUI.”

As you know, the penalties for DUI are rather harsh and having a DUI charge placed on your record can reduce the number of opportunities presented to you including being accepted for a position. So, rather than risk being arrested and potentially convicted of DUI, avoid getting behind the wheel while under the influence at all costs, especially during this five-week DUI enforcement period.


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