Huntsville, AL- Maybe he had a case of the munchies, or maybe he just needed a ride to the liquor store. Most likely it was a heat-of-the moment lapse in judgment . Whatever his reasoning, an Alabama man is now facing multiple charges after he stole an Edible Arrangements van and took in on a joyride through two counties before police finally caught up with him.

The incident happened in Huntsville Wednesday afternoon around 4:45 p.m. when Edible Arrangements owner Michelda Johnson left her van running to make a delivery of one of her perfectly crafted fruit bouquets. She wanted to keep the air condition on while she ran into a store to make a delivery, but in the brief moment she was gone someone stole the idling van.

The mystery thief had the van for nearly five hours before the police spotted it and a police chase soon ensued. After crossing two counties, police eventually subdued the driver in Jackson County by throwing down a spike strip.

Police arrested the driver David Wessley Carter and charge him with driving under the influence, attempting to evade police and receiving stolen property.

Johnson spoke to WHNT News 19 and she had a question: “Who steals a fruit truck? I mean it’s a fruit truck.”

Well, Ms. Johnson, a very drunk person steals a fruit truck.

Johnson also ensured the public that she would be making all of her Father’s Day deliveries, but not in her colorfully decorated van since Wessley’s wild ride caused significant damage to it, making it inoperable.

We don’t actually know if Carter was drunk when he stole the van. But. Really? Would a sober person pick such a conspicuous vehicle unless it was a Lamborghini?

Alcohol can make a person do some really stupid things and stealing a fruit van when your blitzed may seem like a good idea in the moment. In drunken logic, those perfectly-shaped pieces of delicious fruit would make for a great drunken punch. Being liquored up and getting behind the wheel is not unusual in the least, but stealing one? Not as common, but it happens, probably more than you think.

Just because people consistently get DUIs that doesn’t mean it is a frivolous charge and a person doesn’t need an Alabama DUI attorney. Thinking a DUI charge is not a big deal is huge error on a person’s part and will end up being a causing them trouble down the road.

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