DUI Checkpoint in Twiggs County, GA Results in Dozens of DUI Arrests

With St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, law enforcement officials were prepared to catch anyone who might want to risk driving while intoxicated by setting up several DUI checkpoints across the state of Georgia. In Twiggs County, which neighbors Bibb County, dozens of arrests were made off of Interstate 16. Law enforcement officer’s set up their DUI checkpoints Friday evening as they believed this is a good day to do so. According to Roger Hayes, who works with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, this is the 15th year the county has set up a DUI checkpoint in Twiggs County as this is when many are headed out to begin celebrating St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

According to 13WMAZ.com, the officers didn’t set up the checkpoint on Interstate 16 as federal law prohibits that, but they did set it up on the ramp of Exit 27. The operation was named “Operation Wrong Exit” and when drivers approached the exit, they were stopped by an officer who took a moment to speak with them and determine if there was any reason for them to believe they might be under the influence. By 6:00 p.m. on Friday, officers had already arrested more than 50 people. They expected that number to double by the end of the night.

Not only did officers set up the DUI checkpoint to help deter drunk drivers from continuing onto the interstate where they could potentially cause a drunk driving accident, but time has proven that St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that results in heavy drinking. And because the Georgia Department of Transportation has already recorded 269 deaths on Georgia highways this year with 25% caused by alcohol, they weren’t about to let this holiday slip away without attempting to stop anyone who might pose as a threat to drive on the roadways.

Were you arrested for drunk or drugged driving at a DUI checkpoint?

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