Twenty four year old Joseph Martin Schuster of Chiloquin, Oregon was sentenced to more than 7 years in prison on DUI charges after he hit and killed an elderly woman who was walking down a road along Sprague River, a community in Klamath County. 63 year old Barbara Lynn Malo was identified as the victim. 63 years old is not that elderly either. What Schuster did was horrible.

Schuster failed to show up for his sentencing three weeks ago. However, he has now pleaded guilty to charges brought against him on the advice of his DUI attorney. He was arrested on three counts: manslaughter, DUI, and irresponsible behavior as a driver. Along with a 7 year sentence Schuster has been fined $5,000 while his driver’s license has been revoked for 10 years.

Estacada PD report fatalities in a head on crash on Saturday night

A head on collision between two cars killed one of the drivers, a 53 year old woman named Sherri Lynn Graham and left the other driver unhurt, as per Sgt. Robert Wurpes a spokesman of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

An injured dog in one of the cars was sent to a veterinary hospital. Investigators are looking into the causes of the crash. The surviving driver has been cordial and compliant say the police.

Alex Gregory Richards, the driver who survived the crash, was allegedly drunk when he took the long curve on a rural road in Estacada. He drifted from his lane into the oncoming traffic and crashed headlong in to Graham’s car.

Only four years

The fatally injured driver, Sherri Graham, has a daughter Jordyn Graham who happens to be an old friend of the defendant’s mother. The two families were present when Richards was sentenced to four years and two months in prison for negligent homicide. According to Hillsboro Oregon DUI attorneys, the length of this sentence was expected.

Richards faces five years of probation after his release from prison.

Richards left the house drunk and impaired after drinking alcohol and using marijuana said Stacey Borgman, the public prosecutor. According to reports, he left home after an argument with a sibling. Judge Robert Herndon explained to the two families that this was not a tragedy but a crime that could have been avoided if the defendant had not taken alcohol before driving and had not swerved over the median.

Faced with manslaughter charges and given a choice between a stiff sentence and a reduced one for pleading guilty of criminally negligent homicide, Richards chose the latter upon the advice of his DUI attorneys.

Oregon ignition interlock laws

Oregon isn’t an exception when it comes to the problem of drunk driving. However, measures have been taken to make Oregon’s highways safe from inebriated motorists. It is one of the few states to order a 1-year suspension of the driving license of a first time DUI offender. Judges are also allowed to order the installation of an ignition interlocking device. Drivers who need an ignition interlock are required to understand that once the lock is installed it would not be possible to start the engine without taking a breath test.