Atlanta, GA- People aren’t known for making sound decisions when they’re drunk, especially when you consider how many people get arrested for driving under the influence. Whether it’s the liquor or a lack of brain cells, some people do the dumbest things to get arrested for drunk driving and further prove they shouldn’t be behind the wheel in the first place.

Last week in Louisiana, a 31 year-old man helped state police in Baton Rouge secure their easiest DUI arrest ever thanks to one not-so-smart local resident.

Patrick Ruffner wanted to file a report about the hit-and-run accident he had been involved in around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. He called state police and was told to come down to the Troop and file the crash report, which he did 45 minutes later, the Times Picayune reported.

There’s only one problem, he had been drinking that night and it was obvious to the officer who was helping him with the report. After meeting Ruffner in the parking lot to take his account, the trooper asked Ruffner to consent to field sobriety tests.  Ruffner admitted to drinking and was arrested on the spot. What’s even worse, Ruffner was driving on a suspended driver’s license. Duh.

Ruffner isn’t the first person to show up at police drunk and he won’t be the last. Even though the Louisiana state police secured an easy DUI arrest they warned the public of the dangers of drunk driving, adding, “And please, don’t drive to the Troop if you are impaired.”

Besides showing up to a police station drunk, there are a lot of stupid things person can do to get charged with a DUI. For instance, you could present police with a receipt from a liquor store instead of your driver’s license like a woman in Arlington, Massachusetts, did this week.

Even though she’s seasoned pro when it comes to DUI arrests, 60 year-old Brenda Drinkwater gave a police officer all the proof of intoxication he needed to charge her with her 7th DUI. Hopefully, she has a good DUI lawyer on tap because she’s going to need one after this arrest.

Drinkwater was obviously not drinking much water Monday when she was driving the wrong way down one street and running other motorists off the road. When an officer approached her car and asked for license and registration she reached into her purse and presented a liquor store receipt and her credit card. She even had an open bottle of vodka in plain view of the officer, CBS Boston reported.

When she stepped out her car upon the officer’s request, Drinkwater was so wasted she nearly fell to the ground. That along with the open container, the liquor store receipt and several failed sobriety tests landed Drinkwater in jail on multiple charges including OUI, operating negligently, driving with an open container and failure to keep to the right.

If you make the mistake of driving under the influence all is not the lost, you can fight the charge, but don’t make an even bigger mistake by thinking you don’t need a DUI attorney.