Texas lawmakers want the State Legislators to remember the fate of a little boy named Abdallah Khader who after a fight that lasted six years did not make it this Sunday. To commemorate his death they want to pass a law that will make DUI interlocks mandatory in the state.

A little Arlington boy is killed in a DUI crash

Abdallah Khader died on Sunday, six years after DUI offender Stewart Richard drove into a car in the back of which the 2-year old was riding. Since then he has existed with only 20 percent of his brain the rest being lost in the crash. On the night of the crash Richardson’s blood alcohol level was approximately three times over legal limit. He is in Tarrant County jail, as prosecutors work to give him maximum punishment for this offense along with his seven other DWI-related offenses in at least four states. He case will be heard in a jury trial this year.

A 9 year old girl from Texas is hit by a drunken driver in North Texas

William Weir, 54, has been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and hitting a 9-year old girl.

Weir claims he was driving down Louisiana Street, in downtown McKinney around noon on Monday when the girl darted in front of his truck. He alleges he slammed on the brakes to stop the truck but couldn’t prevent the car from striking the girl. He told NBC that he did hit the girl but he was not drunk or intoxicated while driving. If his DUI attorney fails to prove his innocence he may face penalties.

According to police reports, the girl is from Midlothian and was visiting McKinney with her family. She was hit by Weir’s truck at a crossing and is recovering from concussion in her home. Police have arrested Weir on charges of intoxication, possession of less than 2 grams of marijuana and an invalid license. Weirs breathalyzer tests have not been disclosed and his case remains under investigation. In the case Weir is innocent he will need the help of astute DUI attorneys to defend his case.


Lawmakers rise to gather support to make DUI interlocks mandatory

Abdallah’s case and many others like this have made lawmakers convinced that steps need to be taken to make it mandatory for first time DUI offenders to have the ignition interlock gadget installed in their vehicles. They say that if Mississippi can do it so can Texas. Well, some people do not seem to get it.

At present the ignition interlock is only installed for first time offenders and only under the judge’s orders. This is good because sometimes police hand out DUI tickets when the driver does not deserve it and broke states like California know all about this. However and moreover, in order to make this mandatory for all first time DUI offenders, a bill has to be filed in this session.

With so many other issues before the state House, it is still required for a law maker to step forward and make the proposition to make ignition interlocks mandatory in order to save little children like Abdallah who have had their lives cut short by drunk drivers.