A conviction for driving under the influence comes with a lot of repercussions. Offenders are subjected to an array of punishments that ends up hurting their economic status, their social lives and even their personal lives. However, one aspect of life that takes a permanent setback after a DUI conviction is your professional life. A DUI conviction is literally a career ender.

The DUI playing field

Most people that are persecuted for a DUI could be placed on administrative leave or may even get fired from their respective companies. This is unlikely unless your employer is employing you to drive a truck or a company vehicle but it is a serious situation and this is where DUI lawyer Gordon Thompson can step into the picture. His website is right here and he knows the DUI playing field and where to attack the offense at.

As you have probably heard on the news time and time again, a lot of professionals, even police officers themselves, are caught driving under the influence and are placed on administrative leave without pay almost immediately after the charges are filed.

A probe is then launched into the arrest and if it transpires that the suspect in question was indeed guilty of driving under the influence, they are terminated without any hesitation. There is a zero tolerance policy towards driving under the influence in most corporate offices and even public offices.

An unblemished record cannot be easily concealed

According to DUI attorneys, not only do you lose your job and end up spending time behind bars but your future career prospects become extremely bleak.  The fact is that employers are simply never going to risk hiring a person that has a history with drunken driving.

Also, with the technology available these days, there is no way you can hide your conviction. A simple and quick online background verification will reveal the fact that you are a driving under the influence offender. This conviction will go on your record permanently and can cause a lot of trouble wherever you go.


There are many other ways by which a DUI conviction can directly or indirectly hurt your career.

Revoked drivers permit: a DUI conviction almost mandatorily results in at least the temporary suspension of your driving license and you may have to resort to other unreliable modes of transportation to get to work. In addition, some jobs require you to drive, in which case you are pretty helpless.

Company termination policies: companies get their employees to sign contracts and agreements at the time of their joining. Some businesses has a clause in their policy documents where they dictate that a criminal conviction will lead to termination.

Also, if you are sentenced to jail time and/or alcohol counseling programs, you will have to take time off of work to be able to serve your sentences, which will undoubtedly hamper your career track and certainly your next reviews. This is imperative why a sharp DUI lawyer such as Gordon Thompson should be enlisted on your behalf to fight these looming charges. You can learn more about him here: http://gordonthompsonattorney.net/.

Educational setbacks

Even colleges and universities now require their students to declare any past criminal convictions. A conviction will essentially mean that you may have some issues being accepting into fabulous college for further education, which in turn will also hinder your job prospects and your growth as a professional.

The best course of action to take if you have been charged with DUI is to appoint a standout and aggressive DUI attorney right away and get started in building your case.