Some folks just don’t seem to get it! Despite all the nationwide awareness campaigns and efforts regarding the perils of drunken driving, we still have thousands of repeat offenders that just don’t seem to understand or even care. The latest perpetrator in this regard is man from Cincinnati that has just been arrested by law enforcement for a suspected DUI yet again. It was learnt that the suspect already had six prior DUI convictions, as reported by

The irresponsible Rock J Behymer

He has been identified as Rock J Behymer who was spotted passed out behind the steering wheel while parked on the shoulder of Interstate 70. His case will be heard in the Clark County Municipal Court. It is not known whether he has a Cincinnati DUI lawyer or if he will need to be assigned a public defender by the city.

It is known that Behymer has failed to earn the trust of the people in this area and continues to flip off the rules of society. How come he does not ever have a designated driver? How come he refuses to use a taxi? How come he does not use a friend to help him out? If he does not have any friends or a family member, why not use a taxi? How about a city bus or just plain walk home? These are questions and answers that the city and court may never know.

This is another reason why society builds and has prisons because this is where some people just belong.

Loveland mother faces multiple charges for assaulting officer during her DUI arrest

36 year old La’Kesha Hudson has been hit with a total 11 number of crimes for assaulting a law enforcement officer when he was attempting to place her under arrest for driving under the influence. The woman was allegedly driving drunk and also had two minors, a 9 year old and an 11 month old, in the car with her as passengers, as reported by

She was pulled over when police officers spotted her driving erratically and failed to maintain the traffic lane. During the arrest, Hudson made life difficult for the officer by sitting on the ground and refusing to move. She then stomped his foot and even kicked another officers legs.


Two unrestrained children in the car

Police have testified that when they searched her vehicle, the discovered two minors in the back, neither of them were properly restrained. The officers also found an open container of alcohol in the car. She is currently in custody at Hamilton County Jail where she belongs. This is certainly now how you want to act in front of your children. Her Cincinnati DUI attorney has their work cut out for them.

DUI laws – Ohio

According to Cincinnati DUI lawyers, there are many regulations which officers are expected to follow during a DUI arrest. In many cases, officers may have inadvertently failed to follow some of these technicalities. A fantastic DUI lawyer will know exactly how to use this to his client’s advantage and dismiss the DUI case against his client.

This is just one among hundred ways in which you can tactically beat your DUI case successfully. If charged with DUI, we strongly suggest that you consult a remarkable Ohio DUI defense attorney who can be found on this formidable legal website  right away and get started on building a solid defense strategy. If your name is Behymer or La’Kesha Hudson, you are going to need one.