Everyone is guilty of making mistakes at some point in their lifetime. While some mistakes have the tendency to bring along unwanted circumstances, others serve as learning experiences that you never want to engage in again. Take DUI for instance. Being caught, arrested, charged, and convicted of DUI would have most trying to avoid the situation entirely as this charge can bring with it some hefty consequences, however, many people still find themselves getting behind the wheel of their vehicle after having some drinks with friends and ignoring the risk they bring to the road.

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A Georgia State Trooper has been arrested and charged with DUI after just completing his training for the position.

Georgia State Trooper Charged with DUI

While the average citizen is expected to use drunk driving accidents and arrests as a form of encouragement to not take part in the act, police and state troopers are expected to never engage in driving while under the influence because they are the role models for everyone around and enforce the laws against this crime.

Deionte Marlon McAllister, of Suwannee, may not have received the memo as he just finished training school three months ago and is now on ice as he was arrested for DUI. Patch.com didn’t wait to shed light on the story and dish the details that explain why this state trooper has already been fired only having worked a few months in the field. McAllister was traveling down Peachtree Road near Lenox Road around 3 a.m. when a fellow patrol officer noticed some usual behavior coming from his vehicle.

According to the report, McAllister was revving his engine while a passenger in the car was hanging out of the window. Perhaps McAllister was celebrating his new position but didn’t do so in the proper manner. The witnessing trooper pulled him over and instantly smelled a strong alcoholic odor coming from the vehicle. McAllister did admit to visiting a few bars in Buckhead. The officer had no choice but to conduct a field sobriety test which he failed.

What Should You do if You Are Arrested for DUI Georgia?

As you can see from the story above, a DUI charge can change your life in a matter of minutes. Luckily for McAllister and anyone else traveling on the roadway, no accidents occurred and everyone was able to walk away from the scene where he was arrested. Here you have a young man who just graduated from the training academy and had a bright future ahead of him. Now, he has a record on file and no job. All of the time and money he invested in his career is now wasted.

With that in mind, if you ever find yourself in a similar circumstance, you are going to need legal counsel on your side. Going into a courtroom unprepared and without representation puts you at risk of facing the maximum penalty. Therefore, contact Alpharetta DUI lawyer Edwin Saginar today by calling 678-366-0730 to further discuss the details of your case and learn how this reliable lawyer can help you.