If you incur damages as a result of a drunk driver accident, contact a DUI attorney who is familiar with DUI laws and personal injury settlement structures in Chicago Illinois.

A 27-year-old man may be facing DUI charges near Chicago for crashing into a home in Arlington Heights after he lost control of his pickup truck while turning at the nearby intersection. The vehicle left the roadway, crashed into a fence, a tree, and finally stopped after his truck hit the attached garage of a home where the owners were luckily on the second floor, away from the area of impact.  The driver was taken to the hospital but will be formally charged with driving under the influence, not wearing a seatbelt, improper lane use and possible additional charges once he is released.

Homeowner claims for damages.

The homeowners may receive damages and compensation for negative impacts to physical structures including the fence, the garage and any negative changes to the framework of the house itself.  Compensation for emotional well-being if there are any residual effects from the fear the crash caused to the people who were home is also a possibility, if those negative effects caused the victim(s) to seek medical services, psychological counsel or miss time at work.

Hire a DUI attorney

Driver negligence may impact claim.

There are simple steps to take for the smooth processing of a complete and accurate claim for damages.  Since another party’s negligent acts were the cause of the accident, making a claim to cover costs above the insurance settlement amounts should be considered through an additional legal claim in court.  This is done by building a case against the negligent party to secure compensation for any negative changes to the accident victim’s life.

  1. Write down as much as you can about the accident itself, describe injuries, damages and/or any monetary losses caused by the accident.
  2. Make notes of conversations you had with officers at the scene. Get a copy of the police report.
  3. Preserve evidence, making note of who caused the accident and what damage was done, through the collection of physical evidence and photographs from the scene.
  4. Notify insurance companies who will need to formally assess the damages and repairs necessary to the structures that were hit by the driver.
  5. Be mindful of the prescribed time constraints to file legal action above insurance coverages.

Legal actions initiated to seek compensation must follow Illinois Law.

  • Illinois has a standard statute of limitations (a designated time-period for filing a claim) of two years from the date of the accident for an injury, and five years from the date of the accident for injury or damage to your property
  • Illinois has a “Comparative Negligence Law” where the percentage of your fault will determine how much compensation you may be entitled to recover.
  • Illinois caps damages in personal injury cases. Illinois courts allow damages for partial fault of less than 50% and imposes a cap on compensatory damages when cases are filed for medical malpractice injury cases. No punitive damages are allowed.

Hire a DUI lawyer.

Contact an experienced attorney who is familiar with the sequence of events after a person is charged with a DUI, and the process the State makes working their case against a driver.  A civil action may be brought in some instances, or an insurance settlement offered to compensate victims who suffered any losses due to the accident caused by the DUI. Call the Dinizulu Law Group for a consultation, and to explore legal options.

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