The holiday season is here and with it comes holiday parties where drinks will likely be served. Having a drink or two with family and friends over the holidays can be a great way to build memories and share good times, but having too much to drink can lead to many negative consequences including a DUI or arrest. DUI lawyers in Sacramento like Linda Louder see many cases where a DUI could have been prevented had individuals planned their evening ahead of time. Here are some things to think about before you go out drinking this holiday season.

  1. Know your limits. You probably know how many drinks your body can handle in an evening. This limit will depend largely on whether you’ve eaten anything before drinking, your weight, and on the amount of alcohol your body can process. The Centers for Disease Control defines “binge drinking” as the consumption of large numbers of drinks in a 2 hour period. For men, this is 5 or more drinks, and for women, this is 4 or more drinks consumed in a 2 hour period. According to the CDC, binge drinkers are 14 times more likely to engage in alcohol impaired driving than those who do not binge drink.
  2. Consume alcohol with food and water. Don’t drink on an empty stomach. And make sure to drink water with any alcohol you consume. You’ll drink more if you are thirsty. According to the Huffington Post, the effects of dehydration can hit you long after your hangover wears off. Some individuals report passing out from dehydration days after drinking and not replenishing much-needed electrolytes.
  3. The kinds of drinks you choose, matter. According to the Huffington Post, drinks mixed with diet soda will leave you with a higher blood alcohol content than those mixed with regular soda. Soda and carbonated drinks are more easily absorbed, in general.
  4. Don’t mix alcohol with other drugs or aspirin. Make sure that any prescription drugs you’re taking don’t have warnings against drinking. In some cases, mixing these prescriptions with alcohol can be deadly or can make you much drunker, much faster. Taking aspirin before you drink is also a bad idea, as it will make you more drunk, more quickly. It’s okay to take aspirin after you get home, though. Finally, remember, that mixing any drugs with alcohol can lead to a visit to the ER, or worse.
  5. Select a designated driver. Avoid a DUI and protect yourself and your friends. Have a designated driver. Or, plan to call a cab. No matter what you choose, if you choose to drink, make sure you have a clear plan about how you’ll get home. Finally, you might want to ensure that the designated driver has a good driving record and has experience behind the wheel.

Sacramento police will be cracking down on DUI drivers over the holidays. Planning your evenings properly so that you don’t end up with a hangover, a criminal charge, or actions that you regret is incredibly important.

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