The gaining popularity of mopeds in South Carolina has brought with it the need to regulate their usage. The state is yet to review laws regarding mopeds such as whether it should be made mandatory to register these vehicles, the need for insurance, whether or not the rider should wear reflective vests and if mopeds should or should not be allowed on some roads or parts of some roads.

The state still waits on its lawmakers to pass verdicts on all of these issues. However, they have already addressed a more serious concern regarding operating mopeds while being drunk or impaired due to any intoxicants. Previously, a loop hole in the law had made it legal to ride a moped while being intoxicated. What? However, after some pushing from DUI attorneys, a senate panel has approved a bill which essentially closes this loop hole and makes it illegal to drive a moped while drunk.

Incredible it took so long.

South Carolina State Trooper will not be charged in fatal car accident

A city prosecutor has announced that a South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper who was involved in a fatal car crash which killed one person will not face or have to defend any charges. The solicitor elaborated and said that the Collision Reconstruction Report of the accident simply did not have sufficient evidence to prove criminal charges beyond reasonable doubt against the state trooper.


The unfortunate accident happened in December in Greenville. Two state troopers pursued a car driven by Radrecus De Mario who had failed to stop at a routine DUI intersection. De Mario led the two cruisers on a high-speed pursuit and drove through a busy intersection at high speed. De Mario and the Trooper right behind him made it through unscathed but the 2nd trooper’s Cruiser collided with a car driven by Lauren Rowe. The impact killed her friend and passenger Taylor Miller.

Rowe was later charged with a felony DUI and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. Her DUI attorney does not think Rowe was at fault. He maintains that she did nothing wrong and drove through the intersection only as she had seen a green light.

Prosecutors in South Carolina complain about the state’s DUI laws

Arresting police officers, highway patrol troopers, and state solicitors are not pleased with South Carolina DUI laws. They maintain that the laws make it virtually impossible to convict perpetrators of the crime. If you or someone needs a competent DUI attorney who knows local laws completely, head towards for the hiring of one.

Greenville SC DUI attorneys do not agree and they are of the opinion that the authorities should work harder to adhere to the words of the law if they want to make more DUI convictions.

An amendment passed in 2009 made it mandatory for arresting officers to video tape any sobriety tests that were undertaken during a suspected DUI arrest.

South Carolina needs to get it together

Solicitors say that this amendment has been exploited and blown out of proportion as tons of DUI cases are being dismissed and never make it to the jury for very insignificant reasons. They claim that if the foot of the person taking a sobriety test goes out of view from the camera even temporarily because it was blocked by the hood of a car or because of a shadow, the case is immediately dismissed despite the existence of other solid evidence. Wow!

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