Cleveland, OH- Not a week goes by without a story emerging about a celebrity or athlete getting busted for driving under the influence. This week was no different and we actually got a double-header as details of NBA player Greg Monroe’s DUI arrest emerged. And Grammy-winning country music legend Lynn Anderson was busted for DUI this morning.

They may come from completely different worlds, and the circumstances of their arrest differ, but they now have something in common; they’ve both been busted for drunken driving.

When the Detroit Pistons suspended forward Greg Monroe for the first two games of the season earlier this week, sports fans wanted to know why? Well, as it turns out, reporters discovered that back in February, Monroe was arrested for driving under the influence outside Detroit the same night the Pistons hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers for a game.

Police pulled Monroe over for an expired tag and a blown front head-light. What was just a routine traffic stop turned into bigger problem when an officer noticed he appeared intoxicated. Monroe admitted to officers that he had two glasses of wine prior to driving and was put through a battery of field sobriety tests, the Detroit Free Press reported.

In addition to the humiliation of a two-game suspension, CBS reported that on the night of his arrest Monroe urinated on himself at the police station.

Tests showed his blood alcohol content was .09, barely over the state’s .08 legal limit. The Detroit Free Press reported that the 24 year-old forward pleaded guilty to DUI in April, and the NBA suspended him from two games for his conviction.

Then early this morning, country music legend Lynn Anderson was arrested in Nashville after she was involved in a drunk driving accident on the city’s west end. Fortunately, no one was injured, but Anderson was late booked into jail.

Anderson told officers that she had taken prescription pills and drinking alcohol prior to the accident. The 77 year-old singer, who won a Grammy in 1970, has battled with addiction before and previously spent time in the Betty Ford clinic.

She was released later on $5,000 bond, and apologized for her arrest in a personal statement.

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