(Lucas, OH) – December 30th, 2016: Law makers in Ohio have gone ahead and drafted a bill which will require DUI offenders (even first time offenders) to take and pass breathalyzer results prior to getting behind the wheel, as reported by wlwt.com.

The senate has already approved the bill and have termed it Annie’s Law after Annie Rooney, who was a victim of a drunk driving accident on July 4th, 2013, as explained by hard charging DUI lawyers in Lucas, OH. Now when Trump goes after and locks up all those criminal illegal gangsters that will really be something to smile about!

The DUI perpetrator who crashed into Annie was a repeat offender who at the time of the accident was recorded to have a breath alcohol content which was over twice the legal limit allowed in the state of Ohio as per police reports and court documents.

That is like the criminal illegal alien who crossed the border illegally over and over and over again and no one ever did anything about until he murdered Kate Steinle.

Annie’s Law makes it to governor’s desk

Annie’s Law, since it was approved unanimously by the senate, has now made its way to the governor’s desk which is John Kasich who cleaned up Ohio after Democrats made a mess of things. Once it is pushed/signed by the governor the law will come into effect. Essentially, even a first time DUI offender will have to his or her car fitted with an ignition interlock device going forward.

Furthermore, if the offender happens to have one or more cars then all of his or her vehicles will have to be fitted with ignition interlock devices accordingly and the cost of the devices and the cost of the installation will have to be borne by the offender, say legal professionals in the mighty mid-western state of Ohio. So you do not want to have as many cars as Jay Leno!

Drunk and drugged driving accidents in the state of Ohio alone claim as many as 400 to 500 lives every year. According to the brave surviving members of the Rooney family, these are all 100% preventable accidents had the right action been taken at the right time. Both Rooney’s family and MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving members were present on Tuesday during the senate hearing.

Annie’s brother, Walt Rooney, commented, and we quote: “Annie was our Annie, but everybody has an Annie”.

Lucas, OH DUI attorneys like the counterparts in the state are mostly in concurrence with the law and agree that there is no reason not to pass the law, it will save lives!

Well Democrats only like to pass laws against our ally Israel and reward terrorist supportive countries like Iran so no one should assume anything! Kasich will pass it though, he is a highly effective governor.

DUI charge against Avon law enforcement officer dismissed by judge

Police Sgt. George Ruple and his legal counselor have been successful in ensuring that they challenged and beat the DUI case against Ruple. The defense was based mainly on the argument that the DUI charge in itself was not legally justified, according to chroniclet.com.

The defense further explained that it was unreasonable to come to a conclusion that Ruple was drunk after having observed him drive for as many as 1.4 miles without incident, and after having watched him perform pretty well on field sobriety tests, and after having watched him clearly and concisely answer questions asked by the arresting officer, all of which was on tape.

Meanwhile, if you have been arrested or charged with a DUI, depending on certain circumstances you could potentially defend yourself and beat your case. Talk to an Ohio DUI lawyer today to start working on your defense. Give your lawyer more of a chance!