Instead of refraining from drinking and driving, some drivers in Orange County love taking the risk of driving on a suspended license. They are keen on driving and this is infuriating many folks.

This is what an undercover sting operation by the police at Newport Beach, Calif. revealed. According to a CBS News, the Sheriff’s Department cited seven men and one woman in Newport Beach in the course of a few hours after they were caught driving moments after their licenses were suspended.

The sting operation by deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s office was conducted at the Newport Beach courthouse. The exercise was aimed at drivers who have been charged with a DUI and should not have been driving following suspension of their driving license.

One of the drivers caught in the sting operation was Sergio Oseguera, who was charged with a DUI. Oseguera’s impatience only resulted in his SUV being impounded. Incidentally, he has multiple DUI charges against him. According to DUI attorneys, such an action can result in heavy fines and other charges.

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Drunk driver causes fatal crash near Millerton Lake

According to an ABC News report, 38 year old Denise Lago of Auberry has been arrested after causing a double fatal crash near Millerton Lake. Reports from the California Highway Patrol suggest that Lago in a Chevrolet pickup truck was driving under the influence of prescription medicine when she first struck a Toyota Highlander and then a motorcycle and another car. Unfortunately, the Fresno based 49 year old motorcyclist and his 50-year-old female passenger succumbed to injuries at the scene of the crash. Following the accident, Lago was booked on DUI charges.

DUI suspect knocks down pedestrian in SF

Drunk drivers continue to plague California’s roads with a San Francisco man being one of the latest to be arrested on suspicion of DUI, according to a report. 55 year old David Michael Dufficy struck a pedestrian while backing out of a parking space at 200 block of North Access Road in South San Francisco. The pedestrian escaped with minor injuries while records reveal that Dufficy had previous DUI convictions and was driving on a suspended license.


Miscreants don’t spare memorial for DUI victim in Chico

A latest report from suggests that residents of Chico are very disturbed after a ten-speed bike was stolen from a memorial to Chico State nursing student Kristina Chesterman, 21 on Nord Avenue. The victim was run over and killed by a drunk driver in September 2013. The ten-speed bike carried messages to encourage motorists to share the road with bicyclists and not drink and drive.

The wheels were found behind Walgreens on Nord Avenue. However, the frame of the bike is still missing. According to DUI attorneys, Riley Hoover is serving a seven year prison term after reaching a plea deal. He was 19 when he caused the fatal accident.

Hire a California DUI attorney

According to Chico CA DUI attorneys, there are two basic drunk driving laws. Drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is a misdemeanor. In addition, it is a misdemeanor to drive with .08% or more alcohol content in your blood. Offenders can be convicted under both offenses but punished for one. In the event of injury or death caused by drunk driving, a more serious felony charge can be levied against the accused.

To know your legal rights it is always prudent to consult an experienced Chico CA DUI attorney as soon as possible.