Approximately 1.1 million people in the state of Ohio have been charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI), many of which are first-time offenders [Source: The Blade]. Being a first-time OVI/DUI offender might mean you have no prior criminal history and you aren’t exactly familiar with the court process that is scheduled to follow after being formally charged with the crime. While it is definitely a plus that you don’t have any prior convictions, it also might mean you lack some understanding on OVI charges and the potential penalties you will be faced with.

With that being said, below are four important things all OVI/DUI offenders should be aware of, whether they were charged with the crime in Toledo or another city within the state of Ohio.

  1. You may be able to beat your charges. When you hire a Toledo OVI defense lawyer, you stand a chance at beating your charges. Most people believe that once they are charged with a crime, they have no chance at getting these charges dropped. But, that is where you are wrong. Although not all cases result in a reduction of charges, a large amount of DUI cases do, but you will need a lawyer who is skilled in this field of law working with you on your case to help get this accomplished. In most cases, the courts aren’t going to be lenient on you nor are they going to want to reduce your charges to a less severe crime, but if you have the right evidence and have a lawyer who can draw up a reasonable plea agreement, chances are, you just might secure a favorable outcome.
  2. You can be charged, and convicted, of OVI/DUI even if you weren’t drunk.This means that when an officer suspects that you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or even prescription medication, they can arrest you. Generally, a breathalyzer or chemical test will reveal exactly how much alcohol/drugs you have in your system which will determine how you are charged. The fact is, alcohol isn’t the only thing that could land you in court facing an OVI charge.
  3. An OVI charge could result in jail time.Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you could be looking at spending a few days or even a few months in jail. You will also incur a fine between $375-$1,075 if you have a simple OVI low amount of alcohol or drugs in your system. Now, again, this is yet another reason why you need to hire an OVI attorney in Toledo as they can help reduce the chances of you having to serve any time in jail [Source: Garfield Heights Municipal Court].
  4. Your BAC, Blood-Alcohol Content level, age, and occupation will affect how you are charged. If your breathalyzer test revealed your BAC level was significantly over .08 which is the legal limit for someone aged 21 and older, your penalties may increase in severity. Your age and occupation also play a role in how you are charged.

To learn more about your OVI charge, your rights, and how you can beat these charges so that they don’t haunt you for several years to come, contact and get connected with a reputable OVI/DUI lawyer in Toledo today. Not only will they help you understand what is to come as a result of this charge, but they will be there to support you throughout the duration of your case.