Teenagers and young adults between the ages of 16-20 are in a period in their life where they are learning, want to experience new things, and like to take risks. Teens often fail to take into account what the repercussions of their actions may be and often forget to think before they act. While this phase only lasts for a few years, it is important to get the word out there that teens and young adults should avoid giving in to the desire to consume alcohol as it is damaging to the body and they should never get behind the wheel of a vehicle intoxicated.

Perhaps if more teens learn just how serious of a crime it is to drive while under the influence, maybe they will think twice before doing it.

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Why Do Teens Drink?

Most teens want to fit in, have the desire to be “cool,” and want to be accepted by others. Sometimes this need for approval from others leads them to become influenced by others, also known as peer pressure. They see others doing it, so they think it is necessary for them to do it too. But as you know, a person between the ages of 16-20 are still learning how to operate a vehicle. They still require experience and practice before they are considered an adequate driver so drinking and driving would only add to the risk. Teen collisions already account for many of the fatal accidents that are transpiring on our roadways and being intoxicated would only increase these numbers.

What Penalties Could Your Teen Be Facing When Charged with DUI in Henry County, GA?

Just because your child hasn’t reached the age of 21, which is recognized as being legal, they still can be charged for crimes they commit. If your teen is caught driving while drunk, they more than likely will be charged with DUI. But to get a better understanding of what charges your teen could be facing should they engage in the act of driving while intoxicated, below is a breakdown.

Penalties for Drivers Age 15 and Younger

  • According to DMV.org if a teen is charged with DUI and it is their first offense, they could be looking at losing their driving privileges until they reach 17-years old. They will also incur a charge of $210 and may be required to participate in a DUI Alcohol or Drug Risk Reduction Program.
  • A driver who is between the ages of 16 to 20 who is charged with a DUI for the first time may have their license suspended for six months or 12 months depending on the BAC level. A $210 fee may also be charged and they will be required to participate in the program as well.

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