Deferred sentence is essentially a suspended sentence in force until a defendant has finished a certain period of probation. In case you have been granted deferred sentencing, it signifies that if you as a defendant conform to a period of probation, your charge are dismissed without a conviction. In fact most of the customary rules for penalties and enhancements are not applicable to DUI probation as well as deferred sentencing.

Probation vs. Deferred Sentence

According to Maryland DUI defense lawyers, while considering your DUI plea options, you must understand how a straight probation differs from a deferred sentence. In both cases you will be placed on some kind probation and report to a probation officer, alcohol and drug counseling, pay a fine and carry out community service hours.

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In straight probation, the judge sentences you to a prison term, although the court will suspend your sentence as long as you conform to the court’s terms. If an employer at the time of interview asks you whether you have been convicted of any criminal offense, you answer must be that you have been sentenced for criminal offense of either DUI or DWI, although you did not go to prison.

First Offenses as also Deferred Sentences

First time offenders in general will go all out for what is termed as deferred adjudication probations since they don’t want to have a conviction on record and this is why you want an Ocean Pines, Maryland DUI lawyer to help you out on your case. The same thing is true of DUI/DWI offenders. However, all states don’t permit deferred sentencing for DUI/DWI offenses. In some states, the sole option remaining for DUI charges are straight probation or prison time.

Misconceptions about Deferred Sentences and Probation

According to Ocean Pines, MD DUI attorneys, there are some fallacies about DUI deferred sentences and DUI probation. One is, you need not go to jail. These days there are a lot of intense campaigns underway against the many offenses caused by drunk driving, several states now entail defendants to remain in a county jail as condition of a deferred sentence or DUI probation.

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Perhaps the most widespread misconception concerning DUI deferred sentences and DUI probation is their impact on DUI offenses of the future. It is assumed that as you were not imprisoned and your sentence remains deferred, you are not supposed to be treated as a habitual or a career offender.

This is far from the truth. It doesn’t matter if your sentence was deferred or suspended, almost every state will deem your previous deferred adjudication or DUI probation as a conviction for purposes of enhancement, if you happened to be re-arrested for a DUI.

If you are ever arrested for DUI/DWI, do not enter the court unaccompanied by your DUI defense lawyer. In spite of the rather moderate appearance of any DUI deferred adjudication or DUI probation, any of these two can impact your career options, finances, and/or criminal history. Therefore, before you enter a plea, hire and work with a majestic and personable Ocean Pines, MD DUI lawyer so that you can get a complete picture of the outcome of a deferred sentence or DUI probation.