26 year old Ray Diokno has been slapped with a staggering five counts of driving under the influence and reckless driving charges for allegedly causing a fatal two car road accident on the eve of Christmas day which claimed the lives of two women and injured five other persons. Diokno and his DUI attorney have waived his rights to a preliminary hearing, an opportunity to present his defense.

As a result of the waiver, the case will go straight into an arraignment for Diokno on Thursday this week. Currently, Diokno is being held at Clark County Detention Center, Las Vegas. As reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal, Diokno had even confessed to arresting officers that he had consumed a shocking five drinks of scotch prior to getting behind the wheel on Christmas Eve.

According to witness reports, Diokno’s vehicle and another car were travelling at speeds over a hundred miles per hour on Cheyenne Avenue near Hualapai Way, when the two cars reached the intersection. The first car made it through but Diokno’s vehicle ran a red light and ploughed into a sports utility vehicle which was making a turn towards Cheyenne. The impact sent the SUV toppling over. This is the point where Las Vegas DUI attorneys get involved.

A lethal accident

The crash killed a mother and her daughter and injured two others. The decedents have been identified as 81 year old Etherine Noble and her daughter Essie Mae Hale, 63. Two other persons that were injured include another woman and her 1 year old infant child. All these people, including their family members, and anyone else in a situation like this or even much less severe, should be utilizing USAttorneys.com. This site has some of most prolific DUI attorneys that are ready to make their court room case heard, engage in a plea bargain, or go after the insurance company.


Diokno was accompanied by two other occupants, all of them sustained severe injuries. According to arrest reports, Diokno’s blood alcohol level was tested almost three hours post-crash and still registered 0.13%, much higher than the maximum legal limit of 0.08% allowed in Nevada.

Nevada State Assembly member fights DUI prosecution

Richard Carrillo, a state assemblyman from Carson City, is not taking his misdemeanor DUI conviction sitting down. The politician has appealed his conviction in a District Court through his DUI attorney that claims the reasons for appealing will be specified at a later time in a separate filing, as reported by Las Vegas Sun. The assembly man was found guilty of the following charges, misdemeanor DUI, and possession of firearm while intoxicated.

According to arrest reports, Carrillo was spotted passed out in the driver’s seat of his car while his engine was still running.  Las Vegas DUI lawyers can still help anyone out even if the case seems iron clad against you. Give them a call, it cannot hurt. To make matters worse, he had a loaded .22 caliber handgun stuffed into his front pant pocket.

DUI laws – Nevada

Nevada is home to a city with arguably the wildest night life in the world, the sin city, Las Vegas. As you can imagine, drunken/impaired driving is a huge problem in Vegas and the rest of Nevada. Law enforcement and prosecutors show no mercy towards offenders, offenders face the full wrath of the law which is enough to destroy their professional and social lives. This is why it is essential that anyone charged with DUI to appoint an experienced Nevada DUI attorney and get started working on beating their DUI case.