It is understandable how people inebriated by alcohol are often delirious, unruly, and sometimes even violent when confronted by law enforcement officers for suspected drunk driving.

However, a man from Highland Park has taken things to a whole new level by behaving unruly and fighting officers who were attempting to place him under arrest for suspected drunk driving while wearing nothing but women’s underwear – pink lingerie to be precise, as reported by CBS. Did he think he was Anthony Weiner?

Enough is enough! Why do so many dumb things at once?

The suspect has been identified as 51 year old Daniel Marchese who comes from Highland Park. Regarding his DUI related charges, prosecutors may also slap him with indecent exposure considering the fact that when University of Pittsburg campus police arrived on the scene and first spotted Marchese, he was exposing himself. He did have sweatpants on, says a witness, but they were halfway down and might as well have not even been there.

When law enforcement officer looked in the suspect’s car, not only did they an open container of whiskey, but also two guns. This can all lead to additional charges but perhaps if they are licensed, say DUI lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA, who have seen it all and who can be reached on the terrific website who help people in a legal mess or who just need legal help with securing that much needed legal help. Furthermore, Marchese, when approached, started to lash out and yell profanities and even threatened officers by saying “just wait till I get my AK”, possibly referring to an AK47 assault rifle.

Wow, now he is threatening police? Add on some more charges!

Lingerie wearing man had stolen car and unlicensed firearms

If all of this wasn’t enough, you should know that the car that Marchese was driving was reported stolen just earlier the same day from a storage facility on South Milvale Avenue.

Ashley Coleman, a witness, was clearly shaken by what she had seen when she spoke to media personnel and described that the man was inside the car, there was a bottle of Jack Daniels on the roof of the car, and it seemed like he was pleasuring himself. What was really disturbing was that there were kids walking just across the street.

Marchese, when he sobers up, will find that his charges include, but are not limited to aggravated assault, indecent assault, open lewdness, DUI, possession of a firearm without having a license, and how about threatening police officers too?

It is not clear at this point whether Marchese has a DUI legal counselor to represent him in the case or whether he will have to be appointed a public defender. He needs to get on and find that pivotal legal assistance! is there for you

Driving under the influence of alcohol or impaired driving which could be under the influence of drugs is outlawed in all states and comes with very serious legal repercussions. Punishments for even first time offenders can include prison time, hefty fines, installation of ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets, probation, community service, alcohol counseling, and the list continues.

Therefore, if you happen to be arrested or charged with impaired driving, we highly recommend that you consult a stellar DUI lawyer in Pennsylvania as soon as possible to get started on building a concrete defense.

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