If you have been pulled over and cited or arrested for DUI in Louisiana it is critical to learn to protect your rights, and most importantly, your career and future which could be in jeopardy. Louisiana state law conforms to the legal norms across the country when it comes to driving under the influence.

The state recognizes and ostracizes the practice as a criminal offense which is punishable by law. Of course, driving after becoming intoxicated is not good for anyone involved. It is the biggest threat to public safety and it kills thousands of people all across America every single year and this is why there are so many Shreveport, LA DUI lawyers across the frontier!

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Not always an evil person

Nevertheless, there is something we need to realize about driving under the influence, even though it is a crime, the offenders and suspects in most cases do not exactly fit the stereotypical description of a cold blooded criminal. Because they aren’t! They are just normal everyday people with friends and family that had a lapse in judgment and got behind the wheel drunk.

While it is not acceptable to let them off without any punishments whatsoever, it is definitely a little harsh to imprison such offenders for years together in the same prisons that hold serial murderers and rapists. In fact, after they finish serving their prison sentences, such suspects come out more criminal like than when they first went in.

What a DUI attorney can do for you

Hence, it is crucial for people to understand that they have some constitutional rights as Americans and that they need to exercise these rights and use all resources at their disposal to ensure that they are acquitted of their DUI charges. Because if they fail to do so, they will face grave and permanent consequences which will significantly affect all aspects of their lives, their social, personal, familial, and professional lives will all take a huge blow.

The best course of action for anyone charged with a DUI is to use their right to an attorney and appoint a qualified and experienced Louisiana DUI attorney to represent and defend them in court of law.


With the help of a Shreveport DUI lawyer, you will be able to build a tactical defense against your case, the attorney will be able to identify mistakes made during the arrest and during your prosecution and use this information to essentially get the charges against you dropped.

How a DUI conviction will affect your life

If you are late to fight your charges, or the case against you is simply too strong and the prosecution are successful in having you convicted of DUI related charges, there are going to be a lot of repercussions. Apart from possibly having to spend time in jail or prison and having to sacrifice thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees, your professional life will suffer as you may get fired and the prospects you being re-employed are bleak (depending on the position).

This will result in financial issues that will undoubtedly cause stress and domestic disputes with spouses and will affect familial relationships and your social reputation will be tarnished too. There are some things though a focused and proven DUI lawyer listed on this site can do for you that could prevent some of the worst results from impacting your life. But if you do not contact a DUI attorney with time to spare, you are hamstringing them.

Be proactive! Get yourself a Shreveport, LA DUI lawyer and beat your case!