Did recently get arrested for DWI in Austin? If so, you aren’t alone. But, do have any idea what you charge entails? There are many misconceptions and myths about drunk driving arrests in Texas. USAttorneys.com thinks it is important to understand some of those myths so that you can avoid standard pitfalls in your defense.

I Need to Appear Dangerous to Be Pulled Over for Drunk Driving

It’s true that police can’t just pull you over for any reason, but some people think they must be driving dangerously or erratically to get stopped for impaired driving. You can be pulled over for a minor traffic violation you didn’t even know existed. Failing to use a turn signal or just drifting a little in your lane is enough reason for an officer to pull you over.

Field Sobriety Tests, Breathalyzers and Chemical Tests are Optional

Technically, you can choose not to participate in any sobriety tests, but while you can opt out, there are severe consequences which can be worse than a DUI conviction. That is mainly in regard to your driver’s license which is automatically suspended for one year if you violate the state’s implied consent statute.

Breathalyzers and Chemical Tests are Infallible

Breathalyzers and chemical tests are scientifically accurate, but they aren’t infallible. Health conditions like acid reflux or hypoglycemia can cause false-positive results when a breathalyzer is used. Breathalyzers are also inaccurate if they are not calibrated regularly or maintained as required.  As for chemical tests can be contaminated in the lab or misinterpreted by pathologists.

I Need to Driving to Be Charged with DWI

Many people think they need to be driving to be charged with a DWI in Texas, but that is a huge myth. Police can charge you with DUI if you are on a bike, operating a boat, on a tractor or riding a lawn mower, and even a horse.

A DWI Lawyer Will Fight for You

You need a fighter on your side if you are facing a DWI conviction. Our DWI lawyers in Texas will take your case seriously because they understand the financial, legal and personal repercussions of a drunken driving conviction. Texas has strict DUI penalties, so you need an outstanding lawyer working on your defense. Without help, you could spend up to 180 days in jail, up to $2,000 in fines and suspension of your driver’s license for two years. The consequences may be even direr if you are an immigrant and are convicted of DWI. Get legal help today. USAttorneys.com can connect you with a defense lawyer near you in Austin to work on your case.

Jails and Courts in Austin

If you or someone you know is facing a DWI charge, you might need the address of the jail or Austin area courthouse listed below and the number of a criminal defense lawyer in Texas which you can find at USAttorneys.com.

Travis County Correctional Complex

3614 Bill Price Rd.,

Del Valle, TX 78617


Austin City Jail

715 E 8th St.,

Austin, TX 78701


Travis County Central Booking

509 W 11th St.,

Austin, TX 78701


Austin Municipal Court

700 E 7th St.,

Austin, TX 78701


Travis County Courthouse

1000 Guadalupe St.,

Austin, TX 78701