Adrien Boner who gained popularity in his sport and on nationalized television when he defeated John Molina Jr. has been found on the wrong side of the law.

The 25 year old oddball boxer, who aptly calls himself “the problem”, had been arrested for driving under the influence back in January. The story has gained momentum once again as he prepares to go to court on April 19th accompanied by his DUI attorney.

It has been reported that the boxer refused to provide breath samples when pulled over, he pleaded not guilty, and asked for a jury trial.

Fremont cop charged with drunk driving lined up to be hit with additional charges

George Dorsey, a K-9 handler in the police department, was involved in an alleged drunken crash at 1:53 am. The police officer crashed into another car while driving his personal sport-utility vehicle. The police reports state that no one was injured in the accident.

Dorsey drove away from the scene after the crash and then contacted Jim White, Fremont Police Capt, and told him that he had been involved and that he drove away because at that moment he was scared. White wrote in his witness statement that he asked Dorsey, over the phone, to stay at home, and cooperate with state troopers when they arrive at his doorstep.

Frightened of sobriety tests

Dorsey, however, refused sobriety tests. Currently he is facing charges of a DUI and not yielding to stop at a stop sign and he has pleaded not guilty. Judge Bob Hart has deemed himself unqualified to perform legal duties in this case because of a potential conflict of interest and a lack of impartiality. The Ohio Supreme Court will now appoint a judge for this case who in turn will nominate a special prosecutor.

The other driver involved in the crash was 33 year old Justin Young who as it happens has also been charged with a DUI. Breath samples taken from Young indicated a blood alcohol content of 0.117, which according to Columbus Ohio DUI attorneys, is over twice the legal limit of 0.8.

Neither Dorsey nor his DUI attorney made any comments. Dorsey has been placed on indefinite paid leave. But he is still getting paid!

Ohio Judge involved in impaired-driving case

Sometimes the very people that impart justice find themselves being judged for breaking the law.

Perry County Court Judge Dean Wilson was cited for impaired driving after he was involved in a car crash with a Columbus city bus. Wilson drove away from the scene after hitting the bus, when later apprehended he refused to take field sobriety tests or provide breath samples. His DUI attorney maintains that Wilson was not drunk at the time. How would he know? It is reported that the judge has been given a year’s probation and his driving license has been voided for a period of 270 days.

A city prosecutor said that there was insufficient evidence that Wilson was driving drunk. No, he was just driving stupid which could be even worse. If you drive that badly and make idiotic decisions like that you should want to be declared drunk.