Omaha, NE- An already-embattled Nebraska orthopedic surgeon and former Husker player is facing even more legal trouble for causing two hit-and-run DUI accidents in Lincoln earlier this month. To make matters worse, he had one of his children in his vehicle at the time of the two crashes. Now his freedom and medical license are at risk.

The many troubles facing Dr. Scott Strasburger last fall when he was suspended from his job at a local hospital for practicing medicine and a surgery while impaired. He was given the opportunity to get his medical license back by simply completing a drug and alcohol treatment program, but it doesn’t appear he completed that program. According to, his license was still suspended when caused the two crashes.

Those crashes took place earlier this month, on June 2nd. reports that woman driving a Land Rover saw Strasburger blocking traffic and decided to proceed around him. After stopping at a red light, the woman saw Strasburger approaching her car at a high rate of speed. According to the woman, he attempted to change lanes, but was unable to and then slammed into the side of her vehicle, causing “significant damage,” reports.

The woman told police that Strasburger stopped to exchange information but was unable to write legibly. She noticed that he had a child in the car and before she could get his details, he fled the scene. Shortly after, he struck a parked car and took off again.

Police located Strasburger at his home and asked him to participate in field sobriety tests. He failed those tests and was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. He was also charged with, negligent driving, leaving the scene of an accident and child neglect.

Cases like this are sad because this man not only endangered the life of a young girl, but is on the fast track to destroying his own. In the state of Nebraska, a person can face anywhere from 7 days to 60 days in jail. In addition to costly fines and license suspension. According to MADD, when a person is charged with DUI and child endangerment, that each is treated as a separate charge and enhanced penalties.

If you are up against DUI charges involving drugs, you need expert legal counsel helping you with your case. A conviction can have severe consequences that don’t end when your sentence is up. A DUI conviction in Nebraska will stay on your record for 15 years and can affect your education and your career. You need to act quickly and get in touch with a DUI attorney near your Omaha location to provide you with a solid defense.

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