A drunk driver that killed a woman has gotten away with murder and the family of the victim is furious that the laws have allowed the drunken driver to escape without even having to serve jail time, as reported by pahomepage.com. A DUI attorney representing the victim is now fighting for more stringent DUI laws. The family wants to ensure that their loved one did not die in vain.

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Does Pennsylvania care about victims?

The decedent has been identified as Maryann Gearhart, a mother, wife, grandmother, and house maker. The suspect in the case has been listed in court documents as Aaron Kile. The accident that claimed the life of Maryann occurred on US Route 93 in Orangeville, Columbia County, just a few miles from Bloomsburg.

Shockingly, prosecutors charged Kile with a DUI but failed to press manslaughter or homicide charges. He was subjected to field sobriety tests after the accident and his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal permissible maximum limit of 0.08% BAC. Bloomsburg, PA DUI lawyers are furious about this.

Maryann would deliver newspapers. She was pulled over on the incorrect side of the road as she routinely inserted a newspaper into a mailbox when tragedy struck. Kile’s vehicle struck and killed her. However, investigators concluded that since Maryann was parked in the wrong lane, she was at least partially at fault for the accident.

So what according to many citizens? Then toss Kile into prison for 4 years and not 6! This makes sense to many people who understand this case.

But the family argues that had Kile not been drinking prior to getting behind the wheel, he would have surely seen her and not struck her. Furthermore, Maryann had turned on her four way blinkers to make sure her vehicle would be clearly seen by oncoming motorists. But apparently this was not good enough for Aaron Kile.

The case has escalated and legislators in Pennsylvania are seriously deliberating making some changes to the law. However, even if the laws are amended, this case will remain unaffected, things may only improve going forward but Kile will not get prosecuted any further in this specific accident. This is something that Bloomsburg, PA DUI attorneys frustratingly understand.

Drunk driver that killed woman previously now nabbed for DUI again

In connection with the above story, Aaron Kile has made the case for the family of a victim whom he struck and killed while driving under the influence three months ago. Shockingly, Kile has not learnt anything from the tragedy he caused. He has now been pulled over and charged with DUI yet again in Bloomsburg, as reported by CBS. Once more, his blood alcohol content was more than two times the maximum permissible legal limit.

Hopefully, Kile is made to face real consequences this time. Previously, he was let off because it was determined that his victim was parked on the wrong side of the road. At least there is some common sense in Pennsylvania.

DUI laws – why hire an attorney

Drunken driving is a serious crime and is punishable by law, as it rightly should be. However, a lot of times, innocent people are charged with DUI for no fault of theirs. They are faced with grave consequences which include prison time and hefty fined in the order of thousands of dollars.

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