Marek Svatos used to play as a winger for the ice hockey team, Colorado Avalanche. Svatos who passed away last month due to combined drug intoxication had supposedly pleaded guilty to driving under the influence only days before his death, as reported by Following his guilty plea, his driver’s license had been suspended for a period of one year.

The arrest itself occurred on March 15th and was carried out by Lone Tree police. He was charged with driving under the influence and also child abuse. As per the state law, DUI lawyers in Denver, CO point out that those who drive under the influence while there is a minor in the car can be charged with child endangerment/abuse in addition to drunk/drugged driving and that is exactly what happened in the case of Svatos.

He had pleaded guilty to both driving under the influence and to child abuse and received a one year deferred sentence. He was also ordered to complete an age specific parenting class and submit to sobriety monitoring while on probation.

Marek Svatos could not remember having had driven while impaired

As per law enforcement officers, an ambulance driver had witnessed Svatos’ black Mercedes Benz strike center median on Park Meadows drive. The witness said that the Mercedes ran into and almost over the median and burst both tires on the driver’s side in the process. It was very clear to the ambulance driver that the driver of the Mercedes was intoxicated or incapacitated for some reason and so he followed the Mercedes as it pulled into a nearby parking lot.

When they saw Svatos emerge from the vehicle, they said that he was visibly drunk in the sense that his movement was uncoordinated and his breath smelled of alcohol too. These are the signs that police officers look for when they suspect that a driver is impaired, say leading DUI attorneys in Colorado.

Furthermore, witnesses also testified that Svatos had dried red wine stains on his lips. The paramedics then transported Svatos to Sky Ridge Medical Center where he confessed to having consumed half a bottle of wine. His two year old son happened to be in the car with him and the son was escorted back home to his mother by authorities.

Svatos was also under the influence of Oxycodone and Percocet and said that they were prescribed to him as medication. According to authorities, Svatos was unable to recall driving with his son and colliding with the median when asked about it later in the hospital. He suffered a heroin addiction and also might have been diagnosed with depression. He was found unresponsive by his wife in their Lone Tree residence on the 4th of November.

DUI lawyers in Denver, Colorado are saddened that Svatos could not tame his demons and find Jesus Christ before he took this route.

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