While some DUI penalties may seem a bit severe, they have nothing on what a motorist charged with extreme DUI faces. It may sound like a silly term, but being charged with extreme DUI is anything but funny. A motorist is charged with driving under the influence if their blood alcohol content (BAC) level is 0.8 percent or higher. For an extreme DUI charge to be issued, the motorist usually has a BAC of.15 to .18 and above.

Some motorists may have their BAC level over three times the legal limit and not feel as intoxicated as another driver might. This can lead motorists to get behind the wheel and face severe penalties if caught. If a regular DUI charge can land a motorist in jail, just imagine what an extreme DUI conviction will do.

Although every state imposes a different set of drunk driving laws, all extreme DUI cases are taken very seriously. Due to their “extreme” nature, motorists may face thousands of dollars in penalties, may have their licenses revoked indefinitely, and can spend years in jail. Extreme DUI charges will stay with a motorist forever, often hindering their chances at keeping and finding employment.

While the moment after being arrested for extreme DUI may seem grim, motorists may still secure a reduced sentence for their cases if they work with a top DUI lawyer. Having legal representation fighting for your rights ensures that cases run quickly and end with the best possible outcome.