The Biersch restaurant chain finds themselves as defendants in a lawsuit filed by a Georgia family alleging drunken driving. The lawsuit alleges that a manager at the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company in Atlanta got drunk and then jumped behind the wheel prior to crashing into a motorcyclist and killing him, as reported by Reuters.

The man in question has been identified by local authorities and has been listed in the lawsuit as Nathan Krohn from greater Atlanta. The decedent in the case is a 43 year old father of three named Elijah Robinson, who owned and ran a towing company in the area. Atlanta DUI lawyers do not know what to make out of this situation as of yet. They do know that some innocent person is dead and someone is probably going to go down for this crime.

Krohn was apprehended and subjected to field sobriety tests by arresting law enforcement officers after he had driven down the wrong lane in northwest Atlanta and ended up striking Robinson. Krohn faces multiple charges stemming from the incident including DUI and vehicular homicide.

The investigation is ongoing

According to the DUI lawsuit of the plaintiff family, Krohn was served alcoholic beverages by his own employees and then was allowed to continue drinking even after he had become overly inebriated. Furthermore, his employees turned a blind eye when Krohn got into his car and took off home. Krohn and his DUI attorney have contested the charges and pleaded not guilty.

According to expert DUI attorneys in Atlanta, any restaurant or pub in the state that serves alcohol to an already visibly drunk person maybe held liable in a court of law if that person ends up getting behind the wheel and injuring or killing someone on the road.

Drunk driver pursued for eight miles by Peachtree City Police

Officers of the Peachtree City Police Department are only thankful that an impaired driver that led that on an eight mile high speed chase somehow did not crash and hurt or kill somebody, according to a report.

The chase occurred on Georgia Highway 74 in which the officers have dash cam videographic evidence against the suspect. These pictures show the suspect recklessly speeding in a black SUV. He dangerously went in and out of traffic and other cars and many a times even left the roadway and got back on it. This evidence may be profound but it does not mean that this driver does not need a standout Atlanta DUI attorney.


The suspect has been identified as 27 year old Shane Adams. He was subjected to a toxicology test, reports of which are currently being awaited. The chase came to close only when Adams finally stopped abruptly at a dead end road.

DUI laws in Georgia

A DUI conviction has the potential to effectively kill a person’s career, personal life and permanently tarnish his or her character in society. According to Atlanta DUI lawyers, a DUI conviction comes with some heavy penalties which may include jail time or even prison time for repeat offenders.

In addition, convicts are also fined, asked to have ignition interlock devices installed in all of their vehicles and attend counselling classes all at their own expense. However, just because someone is charged with DUI, it does not mean that they will be convicted of it, what they need to do is hire an experienced Atlanta DUI defense lawyer and get started in building a solid defense strategy. Do not know where to look for an attorney of this caliber? Right here: Half the work has been done for you. After you call your lawyer, explain to them what happened.