A woman from Horn Lake faces serious charges after having allegedly caused a fatal car accident while driving under the influence in which a 42 year old man, also from Horn Lake, lost his life. According to desototimes.com, the suspect has been identified by law enforcement officers as 64 year old Clara McMillian and the deceased victim as John Erwin.

The car accident occurred on Nail Road which involved the suspect’s car and the victim’s motorcycle. Not only was the suspect supposedly driving under the influence, but also was driving on a suspended license and was not in possession of any liability insurance, which will only add to the penalties say profound DUI lawyers from Biloxi, MS.

Eye witnesses who saw the car accident first hand say that prior to the auto accident they had seen McMillian’s car driving around in an almost zigzag manner and that she was unable to maintain a lane.

Horn Lake law enforcement officers have confirmed that there is no video footage of the actual collision or auto accident itself. However, a witness claims to have started recording it triggered by the haphazard driving and the video apparently will not be released to the public as it is going to be used as evidence in litigation that may follow say Mississippi DUI attorneys.

The car accident occurred at around six in the evening. Erwin was riding his motorcycle when he was struck by the erratic driving of McMillian. He was rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital by emergency medical technicians where he was pronounced dead.

McMilliam is currently still in custody and is being held in lieu of a bail amount of $152,100.

Car Chase Ends in Crash East of Saltillo

A car pursuit which went through several counties finally came to a halt in a crash. The man that led the law enforcement officers on the chase has been identified as 54 year old John Newell. Newell ran from the police for an hour before he crashed just east of Saltillo and was apprehended, as reported by djournal.com.

It is not the first time Newell has been involved in a police pursuit. Supposedly, he led the cops on a similar car chase back in 2014 when he was actually shot by a Lee County deputy. However, bullets do not seem to deter Newell as he has proved now. And he is already out of prison!? Incredible!

The chase started when a law enforcement officer spotted Newell operating an SUV and heading in a southerly direction and noticed that Newell was not wearing a seat belt.

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