Fairfax, VT- One minor traffic accident in Vermont led to three members of the same family being arrested for DUI after one teen caused a roll-over crash.

According to the Burlington Free Press, a father and his two sons spent Saturday fishing and drinking at a local lake before they were all arrested for DUI that night. And as it turns out the two sons have previous DUI charges—great parenting there dad!

At approximately 8 p.m. Saturday, a game warden happened upon a one-vehicle rollover crash in the town of Fletcher and called state police to the scene. Because of this roll-over, police managed to net three DUI arrests in one fell swoop.

Joshua Woodward, 22, was driving at the time of the crash and preliminary road side tests showed his blood alcohol level was three times Vermont’s legal limit. He was also driving on a suspended license and was taken into custody for DUI after he was released from the hospital. He suffered only minor injuries.

As emergency crews were checking out Joshua’s state, his younger brother, Nicholas Woodward, 19, drove up to the on the scene to see if his brother was okay. According to the Free Press, as Nicholas was checking on his older brother, the father, Brian Woodward, slid from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat and was about to move the truck they were riding in closer to the scene when officers ordered him to stop.It’s important to note that in most states, simply being behind the steering wheel is enough to justify a DUI arrest in many states.

The game warden noticed Brian appeared to be intoxicated, and roadside tests revealed his blood alcohol level was also three times the legal limit. He was arrested and taken to the police barracks for processing.

After speaking with Nicholas, police determined he was drunk which was confirmed by roadside tests, and he was also placed under arrest, the Free Press reported. This was his second DUI arrests within the past two weeks.

Wonder if these guys could get group discount from the DUI attorney?

According to multiple reports, Joshua also has a previous DUI arrest, that’s why his license was suspended. Unfortunately, like these three men, people have a very casual attitude towards drinking and driving and don’t use caution when they get behind the wheel.

Okay, first of all no one should be drinking and driving, ever!  And especially not after a long day of drinking. Secondly, driving up to an accident scene drunk is really stupid, but then again most decisions made in a drunken stupor are stupid and sometimes deadly.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in this accident. Even though this incident was somewhat comical, the consequences of a DUI are not. A DUI conviction is costly and can take away a person’s freedom. Individual’s facing this charge need to hire a DUI attorney immediately to work on their defense and give them the chance to ask for leniency.