Faulty Breathalyzer Machines in Massachusetts come Under the Scanner

A bunch of DUI arrests and convictions in the state of Massachusetts may all be dismissed or reinvestigated as it has been revealed that there was a major flaw in the calibration of many breathalyzer machines within the State Police Department, according to a WHDH report.

This is just another broke state ran by tax and spend politicians, like California, that is doing anything they can to secure more revenue.

As many as seventy machines are said to be erroneous since they were not calibrated properly and their margin of errors while testing had fallen outside the permissible limits, but for some reason they were still being used in real life blood alcohol tests of suspects.

DUI cases questioned and convictions maybe reversed

Many of the DUI attorneys that were unsuccessful in vindicating their clients of drink and drive charges are appealing their cases once again, especially convictions where the biggest and sometimes the only factor or evidence against the suspect was the result of a breathalyzer test.

In one case, because of the possible erroneous blood alcohol content readings produced by the breathalyzers, even a driver who himself pleaded guilty to a drunken driving charge may be let off the hook as his DUI attorneys have been notified and his conviction stands to be revoked.

According to Massachusetts DUI attorneys, most of these machines were being operated out of the Amesbury Police Department and hence as many as five cases or arrests that were made by the department have come under serious question and it is very likely that they will be thrown out and not considered.

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As an additional precaution, the County has been prohibited from using breathalyzer machines until the review is finished. Also, cases that are in hearing currently will also be affected as breathalyzer results will not be considered as evidence. The marvelous and proven local attorneys on USAttorneys.com are having a field day with these reports.

Boston firefighter still driving after two DUI arrests

According to a WCVB news report, it has recently surfaced that a Boston based fire captain Patrick Ellis is back behind the wheel only just weeks after he was arrested for a second offense DUI in February. Documents at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles prove that the fire captain still holds an unrestricted private driver’s license despite being caught red-handed two times.

A litterer to boot!

In his most recent arrest, Ellis, was operating a tanker truck and was not able to maneuver it onto a weighing scale. An officer that witnessed Ellis said that he came out stumbling and threw an empty bottle of vodka into a snowbank.

According to the arresting officer, Ellis was woeful in his field sobriety tests and had a very difficult time counting backwards from a hundred. He could not do a simple one leg stand despite being a physically fit firefighter. He also staggered when attempting the routine nine-step walk and turn.

To some relief, at least the fire captain has permanently lost his commercial license and will not be allowed to drive huge tankers while inebriated anymore. Ellis’ DUI attorney agreed that the crime of drunken driving is frowned upon by society but one has to consider the individual suspect too. He says in some cases, like Ellis’, after certain treatments and warnings it is appropriate to allow him to drive again. The Boston Fire Department has said that Ellis is a top notch fire-fighter and is very hard-working, dedicated, and professional.

Too bad he is a drunk litter bug!

Massachusetts second offence DUI

According to Massachusetts DUI attorneys, those convicted of a second DUI are faced with fines between $600 and $10,000 and can have their driving license suspended for a year. They will require to install an ignition interlock device at their own expense in order to be eligible to regain their license. Second time DUI offenders also face a jail term ranging from 1 month to 2.5 years and are also charged with child endangerment if found with person(s) under the age of 14 in the vehicle at the time of the arrest.

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