State prosecutors have charged Noemi Garza with driving under the influence, failure to yield after accident, resisting arrest, obstructing a law enforcement officer and possessing a firearm while intoxicated, as reported by

The interesting part is that Noemi Garza herself is a Deputy at Calhoun County’s Sheriff’s department as she admitted during her arrest. Police pulled Garza over after she had collided with another vehicle and continued driving on. Initially, Garza seemed cooperative and even told the arresting officer that she had a handgun in her purse and allowed the officer to temporarily confiscate it, but she grew impatient and irate once she was placed under handcuffs and put in the back of the trooper’s patrol car.

How to dig a deeper hole for yourself

She repeatedly kicked at the seats and the window of the car and used explicit language several times and showed no regard or respect for the officer and demanded that he take her down to the County right away. Garza also refused all sobriety testing and did not give a breathalyzer test which has now resulted in her being fined. Garza has not put herself in an enviable position but there are still plenty of DUI lawyers on this site that can increase her prospects.

Female Deputy arrested for drunken driving had BAC more than twice the limit in Michigan

According to court records, Garza was taken to the county jail and subjected to a sobriety test and it transpired that her blood alcohol content was 0.17%, which is over twice the legal maximum limit according to Michigan DUI attorneys.

Calhoun County’s Sheriff’s department refrained from commenting on the arrest, but has confirmed that Deputy Garza has been placed under administrative leave until the incident is thoroughly investigated. It is not clear whether Garza has a DUI attorney to represent her in the arraignment or whether she will need to be appointed one by the state.


DUI legislation – Michigan

Drunken driving is a nationwide problem, but not many states in the country take steps and measures as severe as Michigan to deal with the problem. The state of Michigan has some of the strictest laws against drunk driving in the United States.

Drunk driving in Michigan is considered a criminal offense and will therefore attract criminal penalties, not just that, it will also result in sanctions from the Michigan Secretary of State. Ergo it is vital to have an experienced and aggressive Kalamazoo Michigan DUI attorney who can be reached right here  to represent you at this crucial time or you will find yourself in a whole lot of trouble very soon.

Penalties for drunken driving are plenty and they grow increasingly severe as the number of times a person has been convicted for DUI increases and penalties also depend on the magnitude of the DUI. For instance, if someone is over the legal blood alcohol limit by three times or more, they will be charged with super drunk driving for which, understandably, the penalties are way more serious. Similarly, if the DUI resulted in death or serious bodily harm of another person, the consequences will be graver.

Penalties range from hundreds of dollars as fines to decades as prison time. If you are under the gun, you can find a fantastic DUI lawyer right here. Your best bet is to not get behind the wheel after drinking, do not gamble and think you will be ok to drive since you have had only one or two drinks. You may find yourself in more trouble than it’s worth.