A 29-year old woman from Columbus, who is not named, has been apprehended and is currently in custody in Madison County Jail in lieu of bond for suspected third offense DUI, according to Omaha.com.

Prosecutors are expected to charge the woman with multiple drunken driving related charges such as third offense DUI, resisting arrest, refusing to provide a breath test, refusing to provide a toxicology sample, and driving under the influence with a child under the age of 16 in the car. The woman was initially driven in the back of a patrol car to Norfolk City Jain and was later transferred to Madison County Jail.

The arrest followed after people called in and reported a car weaving in and out amidst traffic and unable to maintain lane, responding officers were dispatched immediately and they spotted the described vehicle in Queen City, 400th Block.

Not a good mother

According to the arrest reports, arresting officers smelt a strong scent of alcohol on the woman’s breath and also spotted two children, who were both confirmed to be under the age of 16, in the back seat of the woman’s car.

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Lincoln man arrested for drunken driving gets a piece of the judge’s mind

Charles Turek’s DUI attorney argued at Turek’s sentencing that the only evidence the prosecution had against his was a witness report provided by Turek’s wife who later divorced. However, the judge did not buy any of it and countered that there was plenty of other evidence suggesting that he was driving under the influence.

As reported by journalstar.com, the accident occurred last year in August on US Highway 77 when Turek’s vehicle ploughed into another car and resulted in a female driver and her daughter being sent to the hospital for minor to moderate injuries.


After the collision, Turek failed to yield to offer help and instead sped away according to witnesses. One witness even chased Turek’s vehicle and noted his car’s license plate number which made the arrest a lot easier for law enforcement. After he was arrested, he told police officers that he had not realized that he had collided with another car.

The judge said that fleeing from the scene after the collision and claiming he was unaware he had hit another vehicle was among the reasons to believe Turek drove under the influence. In addition, the judge observed that Turek’s wife also admitted that he came home smelling of alcohol and spoke in a slurry manner, which was enough evidence that Turek was indeed driving under the influence. He was sentenced to a one year prison term.

DUI laws – Nebraska

Drunken driving is the biggest and most imminent threat to public safety in the State of Nebraska. Therefore, the state has stringent laws where DUI offenders are subjected to strict consequences.

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If convicted, they can be penalized with hefty fines, prison time, mandatory counselling, ignition interlock devices, and so on which could jeopardize your personal, social, and professional life. This is why the work Tom Olsen does is so essential.