Indianapolis, IN- An Indianapolis teacher was allegedly drunk and had marijuana in her possession when she was pulled over by police early Sunday morning.

Around 9:15 a.m. Indianapolis police were called to the scene of a possible drunken driving accident at 54th Street and Keystone. Officers arrived as the driver, later identified as Megan Brotherton, 32, was attempting to leave the scene.

Police said a person was injured in the accident but didn’t say what their injuries were or how the accident occurred, according to local ABC affiliate RTV Channel 6.

During the investigation, police found an open container of alcohol, a large quantity of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia in Brotherton’s vehicle. She agreed to a chemical test, but it will take days or weeks for the results to come back.

Police suspect Brotherton was dealing marijuana. She has been charged with several counts which include operating a vehicle while intoxicated, possession of a controlled substance, and leaving the scene of a crash.

Brotherton is a first-grade teacher at Pleasant Run Elementary School and has been suspended with pay while administrators conduct an  investigation.

In a statement, school superintendent Dena Cushenberry said:

“We didn’t have any indication that any of this would ever happen. It’s a disappointment, and we struggle every time a situation with a teacher comes up. Our priority is the students. Right now, we just know the kids will be well taken care of today. We make sure those arrangements are made, and we will continue to monitor the students for any effects from this. It is certainly a sad time for us.”

Superintendent Cushenberry also expressed concern for Brotherton, adding that she hopes the young teacher gets the held she needs to “lead a healthier life.”

All the charges Brotherton is facing are serious and could affect her future as a teacher so it’s crucial she hires an attorney to build an effective defense on her behalf. With a solid defense she may be able to have her charges reduced or secure a favorable plea bargain.

Everyone makes mistakes, but driving under the influence is a mistake a person will have to pay for long after they have gone to court. A person convicted of DUI will likely lose their license for a period of time and will have a mark on their permanent record. A DUI also costs an individual thousands of dollars in fines, penalties, and attorney’s fees.

In many, cases a DUI conviction can prevent a person from obtaining certain professional licenses, such as a teaching license. And since employers often conduct criminal background checks on new hires, a DUI conviction can make a person less appealing to an employer.

Drunk drivers should be held accountable for their actions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to pay for their mistake indefinitely. Anyone facing a DUI charge needs to contact a DUI attorney immediately so they can begin working on an effective defense strategy; their skills will help the charge individual negate the possible effects of DUI charge.