Kansas City, MO – This past Friday night five people were arrested on DUI charges at a sobriety checkpoint in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Kansas City Star reports that almost 180 vehicles were pulled over at a DUI checkpoint at Troost and 70th this past weekend. According to Sergeant Christopher Bentch, DUI Section Supervisor for KCPD, the checkpoint discovered the following:

  • Four fugitives were apprehended.
  • Four people were driving with city warrants.
  • Three instances of people driving with a revoked or suspended license.
  • Two instances of a child not being properly retrained.
  • Two instances of child endangerment.
  • One instance of narcotics paraphernalia.

Getting pulled over at a DUI checkpoint is never fun, but it can happen to you. Before it does, here are some tips on what to do at at DUI checkpoint in Kansas City:

Don’t turn around. 

If you see flashing police lights up ahead, then you may be tempted to head the other way really quickly. No, you are not legally required to drive through a checkpoint in Kansas City, however Missouri law still dictates that you are still required to follow all other traffic laws. This means that making an illegal u-turn or erratic driving will still get you pulled over.

Don’t have alcohol bottles in your car. 

Not only can having an open bottle of alcohol earn you a ticket, but it can also prompt an officer to to ask you to do a Breathalyzer test or to perform a field sobriety test. Do yourself a favor and keep the booze out of your car.

Don’t drive drunk with kids in the car. 

While you shouldn’t be driving drunk anyways, you definitely shouldn’t be driving drunk with children in the vehicle. If you are arrested for a DUI with kids in the car, this can add on layers to your punishment and tons more work for your DUI attorney in Kansas City to have to do.

Don’t complain that the DUI checkpoint is violating your rights. 

According to a 1990 decision by the Supreme Court, DUI checkpoints are entirely legal and a valid law enforcement method. While you DUI lawyer can discuss civil rights violations with you  later, refrain from complaining about your rights to officers, as this will only cue them to focus on you.

Don’t get aggressive. 

Kansas City authorities are trained to expect dangerous and unpredictable behavior from people they pull over. If you give them cause to believe you may be dangerous and armed, they could search your vehicle. If you feel yourself getting heated, take a deep breath and remember that it’s not worth it to react.

Hire a DUI lawyer in Kansas City. 

A DUI charge in Missouri can affect your employment, financial situation, and so much more. Avoid expensive fees, fines, and jail time by hiring an experienced DUI attorney in Missouri to be on your side.

USAttorneys.com has reputable DUI attorneys in Kansas City who will work tirelessly in order to have your charges reduced or even cleared. Contact our Missouri DUI lawyers today to schedule a free case evaluation.