A man from Naples, Florida is facing felony charges for manslaughter after his DUI accident was investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol for several months.

Victim dies a day after being hit by a drunk driver

The incident happened in the Golden Glades Estates area in December of 2019. At about 9 pm on the 19th of the month, the suspect was driving a GMC Sierra northbound near the intersections of Everglades Boulevard and Randall Boulevard.  A 50 year old female was stopped at a red signal at Everglades Boulevard in a Toyota Corolla. The suspect failed to stop at the same signal and hit the rear of the Corolla. The victim’s vehicle was forced into the grass near the road from the impact. 

The victim was taken to Lee County Memorial Hospital to be treated for serious injuries, but she died the following day.  

The FHP decided to recommend that the state bring criminal manslaughter charges after an extensive investigation that reviewed every aspect of the case. One count of vehicular homicide was brought against the suspect the following July, in addition to the prior DUI charges. 

What penalties are possible after getting a DUI in Florida

Charges for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Florida are very serious, and there are even mandatory minimum penalties set by the state legislature. Penalties can be increased for factors such as a high blood alcohol content far beyond the legal limit, or when the suspect causes injuries or death to others. These laws also apply to those operating boats and watercraft while intoxicated, as Florida has a large coastline. Anyone who is convicted of a drunk driving offense will lose their driving privileges for at least 6 months, pay fines, and be subject to other conditions. Time in jail is also possible depending on the person’s prior record and the severity of the offense. 

How to defend against DUI charges

There are some lawyers who focus on defending people charged with DUI, and they know how to raise reasonable doubt, which can result in charges being reduced or dropped in some cases. Crucial pieces of evidence such as field sobriety exercises or a chemical sample of breath, blood, or urine can be attacked in various ways. Police officers can sometimes make mistakes or forget important details, which can be revealed through testimony on cross examination. 

Speak with a DUI attorney in southwest Florida

If the state has accused you of any crimes related to drunk driving, it is important to discuss your case with a veteran defense attorney. To learn more about the possibility of getting your charges reduced or dropped, contact:

The Law Offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A.

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