No one wants to be a hypocrite and that is why people work hard not to be one. But for David J. Maloney, 49, the shot of going through life without being a hypocrite has escaped him (well, not quite as will turn out). Pensacola, Florida DUI lawyers were paying close attention to this case.

Maloney is known for going after DUI drivers since he made one commercial after another on YouTube denouncing them now must pretty much denounce himself. Even though this case happened several months ago in May, it still causes some strange thoughts in peoples’ minds.

There is nothing wrong with going after DUI drivers; they are a bane on our society. DUI drivers wreck peoples’ lives all over the world (not in the Middle East though but that is another story), and America is none different. It seems society is fed up with DUI drivers but sometimes DUI drivers are given tickets they do not deserve and the people who live in Sacramento know all about this, some of them at least.

Maloney was booked by the police and sent to Escambia County Jail in the wee hours around 3:30 am. He did post bond which was around $500. Everyone knows he is not poor and he could afford that bail and he probably was not going to be a repeat offender. Being shown to be a hypocrite and causing that type of damage to yourself is probably going to sting for a long time.

He was clocked at 55 mph in a 35 while driving his Lamborghini. When the officer asked him to take field sobriety tests and an Intoxilyzer breath test, Maloney refused. He showed signs of inebriation by his watery eyes, odor, and his eyes were also bloodshot.

NBC 6 tried to call him at his office but Maloney did not want to speak to the media. Pensacola, Florida DUI lawyers are not surprised about this.

“Believe it or not, I still sometimes get calls from people who think that they can convince me or pay me enough to represent them in a drunk driving context,” he says in one ad. He goes on to say he does not care for DUI drivers at all and no matter what, he will not represent them. But what if they are innocent? Maloney will never know since he automatically dismisses their pleas for help.

In fact, Maloney says he will be the legal counselor going after you and Pensacola, Florida DUI attorneys know that feeling. Well, only time will tell if Maloney’s attitudes towards DUI drivers will change. Maloney & Frost is the law firm’s name which is based Alabama, Mobile and Biloxi.

Charges Dropped

Maloney was not convicted though according to the Pensacola News Journal. Witnesses say Maloney was not drunk and Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille said there is not enough evidence to convict him on a DUI charge. So it looks like Maloney can continue going after DUI drivers with reckless abandon but he needs to be careful and slow down when driving!

North Florida Man is Sentenced to 10 Years for DUI Crash that Proved Deadly

In Defuniak Springs, FL a Panhandle man will be hammered for 10 years for killing a woman in a DUI crash. He also injured two others.

The Walton County judge decided that is a good number for 21 year old Carlo Lara (though judges can only do so much at times). Some people believe he should be in prison for much longer. Why not? His negligence was profound. He was speeding on US Highway 98 when he crashed into an SUV. Mary Jane Rayon perished at the scene. The SUV’s driver and another person in the car were both sent to the hospital with injuries.

Lara driving with a BAC level of 0.169 which is about double the legal limit of 0.08 according to ABC 27 and the laws of Florida.

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