West Palm Beach, FL- Driving under the influence of drugs of alcohol can get person in serious trouble, and yet people do it every day. Getting a DUI is no small matter, but it isn’t the end of the world; for many, a DUI can be the first step a person needs to get their life back on track, especially if they are struggling with addiction.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) estimates that a person drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol an average of 80 times before they are arrested or charged. Any one of those 80 times could have resulted in a serious or deadly accident. An intoxicated driver never knows when they are going to be involved in an accident that takes another person’s life. That one lapse of judgment could come at an immeasurable cost for the intoxicated driver and other motorists.

In Florida, a person can have their license suspended, attend an alcohol assessment program, pay thousands of dollars in fines, and offender may be required to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. But the penalties of being charged with a DUI go beyond that, a conviction can remain on the individual’s record for at least five years. This can affect a person’s ability to get into college, obtain a professional license or find a good job.

At least half people who are convicted for a DUI once are destined to repeat their offense. Individuals with serious addictions to alcohol or drugs can find themselves charged with DUI two, three or four times. There are those unrepentant individuals who can rack up several DUIs and face the possibility of losing their driver’s licenses for life along with spending serious time in jail. Chronic offenders would be better served by getting treatment for their addiction than continuously cycling through court.

It’s better to retain a DUI attorney and try to avoid conviction even if it is you first DUI charge. With the help of a DUI attorney, the offender may be able to negotiate for a plea bargain and avoid jail by agreeing to enter a Florida drug treatment center.



A rehab program is not a “get out of jail” free card and shouldn’t be viewed as such. Addiction treatment programs are hard work. These programs require commitment, dedication, and hard work for those who are committed to improving their lives and assuring they don’t put theirs and other’s lives in danger by driving under the influence.

The Program of West Palm Beach is committed to helping men and women live and addiction-free life. They offer intensive in-patient and out-patient treatment to suit the needs of every individual seeking help for their addiction.

Individuals who seek treatment at The Program of West Palm Beach will have strong support system during this difficult time. There are different tracks of recovery a person can choose to get their life going in the right direction.