Miami, FL- In a few short days, Karlie Tomica, will turn 21, but being underage didn’t stop her from drinking heavily on a fateful night in January when her vehicle collided with a local chef, who was crossing a street in South Beach. She fled the scene leaving the man’s mangled body lying in the road. Now the self-professed “Party Princess” is planning on taking a plea deal that will result in minimal jail time.

Tomica has agreed to spend four years in jail, two years on house arrest and 15 years of probation, according to the Miami Herald. Tomica was able to get a lighter sentence because she was prosecuted as a youthful offender.

On January 28th, Tomica had been drinking heavily at Nikki Beach Nightclub, a popular drinking spot on South Beach, where she also worked as a bartender. The heavily intoxicated woman then got into her Dodge Charger and proceeded to drive to her condo on Collins Ave.

After getting behind the wheel of her powerful car, Tomica struck a well-known chef, Stefano Ricolletti, as he was crossing the street on his way to work at the Shore Club. She then fled the scene at a high rate of speed with a witness to the accident in hot pursuit.

Tomica tried numerous times to lose her pursuer by making several U-Turns who implored her to pull over. The Good Samaritan called 911 and gave them a description of the woman and her vehicle.

Ricolletti, who was a married father of three, was thrown 30 feet and was killed on impact.

When police caught up Tomica. they described a gruesome scene. According to their reports, the front of Tomica’s vehicle was beaten up and covered in flesh and blood. The report also stated the blonde had brain matter and blood in her hair.

Tomica initially refused to submit to a blood test and reportedly fell asleep while she was sitting in the Miami Beach police station. At the station, police were finally able to conduct a sobriety test which revealed that her BAC was a shocking .225 two hours after the accident.

She was then charged with DUI manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident involving a fatality, resisting arrest without violence and DUI property damage, the Miami Herald reported.

Shortly after the accident, Ricolletti’s widow filed separate lawsuits against Tomica and the Nikki Beach Nightclub. Patrizia Pesce sued the bar alleging they allowed Tomica to leave the bar even though she was heavily intoxicated.

According to the Miami-Herald, hit and run accidents are not uncommon on Florida and Miami-Dade County leads the state in the number of incidents. They estimate that approximately 35 hit and runs occur within the county on a daily basis. Intoxication is one of the primary reasons drivers flee the scene of traffic accidents, but they don’t seem to realize that fleeing makes matters worse and they will face additional penalties on top of DUI charges.