Ernie Tarle maintains that he was not too inebriated to drive, but that hasn’t stopped prosecutors from pressing drunken driving charges against the former Akron Council Member who is now an Akron School Board Candidate, as reported by

In his pretrial which was scheduled for Monday, Tarle was slapped with drunken driving charges and was also cited for driving with expired registration plates. He had pleaded not guilty to the offenses based on the advice from his Ohio DUI attorney. The incident from which the charges arose occurred on June 13th in Boston Heights, Ohio.

He probably had 6 beers!

Tarle was pulled over just before midnight by a patrol officer who noticed that his license plates had expired. In the due course of the traffic stop, the arresting officer became suspicious that Tarle was not sober enough to drive and interrogated him. Tarle confessed at first to having consumed two beers and then admitted to actually having had three beers.

Tarle was reached via telephone post his pre-trial and claimed that even though the officer thought he had had too much, Tarle felt he was well within his limits. He added that the court would ultimately decide which one of them was right. The former Akron Council member refused to answer any other questions by saying that his DUI attorney had instructed him not to discuss the details of the pending litigation.


Tarle is one among 12 persons competing for a position on the Akron School Board. In his public campaigning efforts has made it clear that he has made mistakes in life. He called himself the “imperfect messenger” but says that his message itself is perfect. Whatever!

Ohio Truck Driver that was arrested for DUI was driving a stolen vehicle at the time

It has recently surfaced that 55 year old Richard Alan Mayher of Blue Ash, Ohio, was driving in a stolen truck when he was arrested and charged with DUI. Following the revelation, prosecutors have slapped him with a charge of possession of stolen property valued in excess of $10,000, as reported by Whomever is his Ohio DUI attorney, he or she will be a busy person.

Mayher was pulled over and arrested in the southbound lanes of interstate 81 in the proximity of Greene County. He faces charges of driving under the influence, driving under a suspended license, possession of drug paraphernalia and other traffic infractions. Mayher was subjected to routine field sobriety testing which he failed. He was then asked to undergo a breathalyzer test which he refused and so was charged under the implied consent law.

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Ohio DUI – what to do when charged with DUI

It is not the end of the world if charged with DUI. There are many things you can do to beat your charge or lessen the consequences but they all start with hiring an experienced and aggressive Ohio DUI attorney. They have the skills to find faults in customary operational procedures that arresting officers perform. Furthermore, an attorney be able to disprove evidence that the prosecution has against you, be it a toxicology report or a breathalyzer result.

If convicted of your charges you could face serious penalties including a possible prison sentence, which is why it is crucial to get a lawyer right away and start preparing your defense.