On July 15 of this year, pop star Aaron Carter and his girlfriend, Madison Parker, were heading from North Carolina to Kansas City, Missouri, when they ran into some trouble on the road according to People. To make the trip, he’d bought a cheap car as opposed to renting one, because he felt that renting a car would be a waste of money. Unfortunately, the car he bought turned out to be quite the lemon. First off, the alternator was faulty, so the car stalled repeatedly, he claims. Then they noticed that the windows were stuck open. Then, when they decided to bed down for the night, they noticed that the door locks didn’t work. Carter and Parker decided that she would go to sleep, and he would stay up guarding the car.

Carter had been afraid of flying ever since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He says he was in New York at the time, and watched in horror as the planes struck the towers. He remembers seeing the destruction unfold and the people jumping out the buildings. That leads him to drive as much as possible.  

The car issue caused him to miss his show in Kansas City, unfortunately. His next show was in Alabama, so they got on the road the next day. Once they made it to Georgia, they stopped at an AutoZone to get his alignment checked. It was there that the police approached him. Apparently, a motorcyclist had reported seeing the car driving recklessly.

What happened next is under dispute. Carter claims the officers forced him out of the car, and refused his right to an attorney. They asked if he had anything illegal in the car, and he admitted that he had some marijuana. The police report says that Carter was cooperative at all times. Carter, however, refused a breathalyzer or a drug test. He was arrested on drug charges, DUI, possession of marijuana under 1 oz, and possession of drug related objects. Parker was arrested for obstruction and drug related offenses.

Carter claims that he had no drugs in his system at the time, although he had smoked marijuana approximately 9 hours prior. He also claims that due to a medical condition, he does not drink alcohol whatsoever. He has proclaimed his innocence several times on social media and in interviews since the arrest. He has also offered many times to take a polygraph to prove he’s telling the truth.

It sometimes happens that people are wrongfully accused of being under the influence and being charged with a DUI. Time will tell what the truth is in Carter’s situation. If you’re in Raleigh and you’ve been charged with a DUI, it can have serious consequences on your life. An attorney who specializes in defending DUI cases can help defend your case and protect your rights. Navigating the legal system is extremely difficult, and you certainly don’t want a DUI on your record if you can avoid it. Call a DUI attorney today for a consultation.