A former marine sergeant, Jared Ray Hale, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for being responsible for the deaths of his fellow marines in a fatal DUI crash. The District Attorneys Office of Orange County has stated that the 28 year old Hale will have to spend his sentence in a state prison.

Hale’s DUI attorneys had to defend him for multiple charges of DUI related offenses. These charges were made as far back as February of 2012 and wound their way through the courts for almost three years before Hale was found guilty in a jury trial in December, 2014.

Hale was found guilty on two counts of felony, which includes one count for drinking and driving and another for driving intoxicated with a BAC of .08, causing bodily injury. He also faces an enhanced sentence for driving with blood alcohol levels of over .15 percent, causing bodily injury.

The fateful crash that cost the lives of three marines

As per the court filings Hale drove himself and three of his fellow marines in his Dodge Sedan to Hennessey’s Tavern at Dana Point for a few drinks. 23 year old Jeremiah Callahan from Nebraska, 22 year old Jason Chleborad of San Diego, and 21 year old Christopher Arzola were among the passengers he drove to the tavern around 10:30 on the fateful night of 13th February 2012.

They left the tavern around 1:50 am. Just as the car reached the intersections of Golden lantern and Terra Vista, Hale lost control of the vehicle while maneuvering a bend. The police say that this happened at around 2 am. The car crossed the median and rammed into a tree on the passengers side of the road, spun around and came to a stop after hitting another tree.

Callahan and Arzola were pronounced dead on the spot. Chleborad was severely injured and was rushed to Mission Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Hale became unconscious from the impact and was also taken to Mission Hospital and treated for his injuries. He escaped with a fractured arm and brain trauma.

Attorneys draw light on DUI in Los Angeles

According to Encino CA DUI attorneys, there are usually up to four checkpoints in LA from around 8 pm to 2 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. These are set up at prime spots where a large number of DUI related accidents and arrests are made. There are signs placed ahead of each checkpoint. Any driver who acts impulsively or tries to avoid the checkpoint by turning around will risk getting pulled over.

Every checkpoint is managed by around 20 officers. If stopped, a police officer will question if the driver has been drinking. Answering is voluntary. The driver’s license, registration papers, and proof of insurance will also be scrutinized. If the officer suspects that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, he may conduct a sobriety check.

According to Encino CA DUI attorneys, the driver may be asked to take a blood alcohol test with the aid of a breathalyzer, which is voluntary. Those found with a BAC of 0.08 percent will be subject to a breathalyzer or blood test, which is legally binding. If arrested, DUI offenders are booked and taken to the nearest jail facility.