Albany, NY- Former 70s teen idol, David Cassidy, has been arrested once again for suspicion of drunk driving in upstate New York and now faces felony DUI charges.

According to TMZ, who broke the story, the “Partridge Family” star was in upstate New York when he was pulled over by police early Thursday morning for driving with his high beams on.

The police report states that Cassidy, 63, smelled strongly of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. The Associated Press reported that Cassidy’s blood alcohol level was 0.10, over the state’s legal limit of 0.08.

Albany’s ABC affiliate WTEN reported that Cassidy had been visiting friends with his fiancé prior to his arrest.

The Albany Times Union reported that when Officer Tom Jones introduced himself to Cassidy, the singer said “What’s up Pussycat?” referring to the hit song by singer Tom Jones. But Cassidy’s good humor would fade after he was placed under arrest.

The Schodack police chief said Cassidy “cooperated and was a gentleman”

Because Cassidy’s current DWI arrest is his second in a relatively short time, his charged was upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony.

In a recent interview, Shirley Jones who played the matriarch of the “Partridge Family” said Cassidy is “a troubled man who has demons he has been struggling to conquer,” according to TMZ.

Cassidy’s previous DUI arrest was in 2010 in Florida, where he lives part time. He was pulled over on the Florida Turnpike November 3rd after he was seen driving erratically. Dash cam footage of his Florida rest showed Cassidy failing field sobriety tests. His blood alcohol level was 0.14 and he admitted to taking a Vicodin- a prescription pain medication—three hours before getting behind the wheel.

Police also found an empty bottle of bourbon under the seat of his Mercedes and the former TV star vowed to fight the charges.

However, when he finally had his court date in early 2011, Cassidy pleaded “no contest” and was sentenced to one year probation and lost his driver’s license for six months.

Cassidy is among the thousands of people who are repeat drunk driving offenders. Approximately, half of all individuals charged with their first DUI will repeat their offense.

A misdemeanor DWI is considered a traffic violation, but if the driver has a high blood alcohol level or has previous arrest they can be charged with a felony.

A felony DWI is serious with offenders facing a jail time of up to 30 days and a suspended driver’s license for a minimum of six months. Additionally, courts often require that second-time DWI offenders install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles for six months to a year once their license is reinstated.

Whether an individual is a first offender or a repeat offender they need expert legal advice to help them navigate the court system. A DWI attorney can review the particulars of their case and begin working on their defense strategy.