Fort Lauderdale area police stop an officer from another department and charge him with DUI

People with various occupations are charged with DUI, as thousands of people in Florida have to defend themselves against these cases every year.

A south Florida police officer was pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence in his patrol car in the Fort Lauderdale area.

North Bay Village officer arrested for drunk driving near Fort Lauderdale

The officer in question was a sergeant with the North Bay Village department, which is located in the north part of the Miami Beach area. Local police were altered that he was outside of his jurisdiction and driving the wrong way on Highway 27 with his emergency lights activated. As Pembroke Pines police vehicles approached, the suspect attempted attempt to wave at them to pass and began to swerve within the left lane of the highway.

When the officers approached the suspect, they noticed he had slurred speech, watery eyes, and appeared to have vomited on himself. He also had trouble keeping his balance and needed help to stand up. He claimed to be sick and refused the breath test at the station. The suspect was eventually booked at Broward County main jail for the DUI charges, and then released on bond.

Pembroke Pines is a suburb located just southwest of Fort Lauderdale.

Drunk driving charges can affect anyone

Stories like this show that drunk driving charges affect all kinds of people, even those who need to maintain a clean image for their occupations. It is especially important for people with serious responsibilities and professional careers to retain only the best defense attorney for their case. This is because a conviction can cause job losses and affect their ability to work in the same career field in the future. This is most significant for people who work in occupations that involve transportation such as driving or flying. A loss of a professional license can have a profound impact on someone’s life.

How defense attorneys work for a dismissal or reduced charges

DUIs are actually complex cases from a legal standpoint. They involve traffic law, criminal law, physical exercises, and scientific chemical evidence. There are standard procedures related to all of these aspects of the case, and sometimes police do not complete all of the steps properly. When this happens, defense attorneys know that they can file a motion to suppress and have improperly collected evidence excluded from the case. However, before this can happen, the attorney may have to invest several hours or days reviewing all of the discovery related to the case, including documentation, videos, testimony from witnesses, and the results of the blood alcohol test. There may even be accident reports if the driver struck a person or vehicle while intoxicated. There is also a separate administrative process that must be dealt with at the department of motor vehicles to get the defendant’s license back.

Considering the fines, probation, loss of license, and other conditions associated with a conviction or no contest plea to DUI charges, a defense attorney who can help is a worthy investment.

Get help from a DUI defense attorney in your area

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