52 year old William Masterman of Fort Mohave was arrested by Fort Mohave police officers. As reported by wtsp.com, the sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of a motorist speeding and driving erratically. They found the suspect parked at a convenience store on Joy Lane at Highway 95. However, he drove away as the police officers approached his vehicle. He was asked to pull over when they found his driving to be inconsistent.

Masterman failed field sobriety tests while toxicology reports confirmed that his blood alcohol content was .355, which according to Arizona DUI lawyers is considered ‘super extreme’ DUI. The legal limit in the state is a BAC of .08 percent. He was charged with DUI and taken to Mohave County Jail. Given the ‘super extreme’ charge, Masterman was slapped with multiple DUI related offenses and if he wants one of the best DUI lawyers in the state on his side, he will go to http://gordonthompsonattorney.net/ and make the phone calls.

Home detention program for first time DUI offenders launched in Pima County

According to azpm.org, some DUI offenders in Tucson, Arizona are likely to be provided the option of home detention. The program has been launched in Pima County and is aimed at low-risk offenders convicted of misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence.

With the implementation of the home detention program, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department believes they can saves a significant sum while offenders get the chance to serve the sentence in the community and avoid jail that can sometimes be a place where bad habits can only multiply.


Pima County Sheriff Chis Nanos was of the opinion that many DUI offenders in Tucson including teenagers and elders make a poor decision once and really don’t belong in jail. The home detention program comes with specific conditions where a DUI offender must use an alcohol monitoring device at all times along with a GPS ankle monitor.

Tracking such offenders who use the device only costs the county $15, which is minimal when compared with the $85 it costs to keep a DUI offender in jail for a day. According to Arizona DUI attorneys, anyone with a history of violent offenses, probation violations, or who have failed to appear in court, will not be eligible to enroll for the home detention program.

Arizona toughest on DUI offenders

Notably, an azfamily.com report indicates that Arizona has the toughest drunken driving laws in the country. The state tops the list with Alaska, Connecticut and West Virginia behind. First time DUI offenders in the state face a jail term of up to 10 days. In addition, Arizona is one among 24 states to make it mandatory for the installation of an ignition interlock device after a DUI conviction. The state has also been ranked no. 2 in DUI prevention.

Hire an Arizona DUI attorney

There is no doubt that a DUI conviction in Arizona can have an adverse on an individual since the state has some of the harshest laws for any type of DUI. The fines, penalties and jail time increase depending on the severity of the case.

Without the help of an experienced and aggressive Arizona DUI defense lawyer such as Gordon Thompson who can be reached right here, you are at risk of even being charged for an offense you may not have committed due to faulty breathalyzer tests or police protocol in handling of the case. Therefore, make sure to get in touch with an experienced lawyer right away.